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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Turned out to be busy day. Went to Malpica and La Noria

Saturday a.m. the sun is shinning not a cloud in the sky.
Today is a big day for Carnaval so hopefully it stays nice. The crowning of the Queen and a big fireworks display for tonight. So we will stay out of that area and away from the crowds tonight.
Been talking about our trip to home lately. Trying to decide which way to go the shortest or the easiest or the prettiest – I think the price of diesel in the states will kind of determine that. That and getting the satellite fixed – which will be our first stop in Arizona. If it was just the internet I’d say stuff it and stay places that have Internet but it is also the TV…..Arggggg….I’d miss the NASCAR races. Saw yesterdays wreck on the internet. Good going Tony S. Back to going home we figure at the least it will cost us over $1000 in diesel to get home. If prices stay about US$3.88 average. Not counting any extra travel we do in the car. 
Saw a hummingbird flitting around here yesterday – first one I’ve seen in this area. Maybe today we’ll go to Home Depot and see if we can find a feeder. That would be nice.
Yesterday stayed pretty overcast and cool most of the day. For the first time as we drove inland it got cooler than here at the coast. Down as low as 68 in La Noria. And didn't get above 71 or 72 in the campground. And the wind last night was very cool.
Going through Mazatlan on the 15 we had to go through the construction they started a couple of months ago. They are really getting a lot done fast. This is going to be quite an interchange with highways going two directions. It will eventually make driving south on the 15 much easier going through this busy part of Mazatlan.
Stopped at a light I was drawn to this building. Why didn’t they paint the whole building? Did they run out of paint? Want to paint the top a different color? Don’t like the top? The top is new? That’s a seahorse on the left and what looks like a lighthouse on the right.
First we went to Malpica – we were out of those delicious rolls and had to stock up. She doesn’t bake on Saturday so had to go yesterday. Driving into town everything looked so clean – the hard rain washed all the dust off the plants and trees. Visiting with a neighbor. The old cobblestone street and the new satellite TV dish. It’s surprising how many homes have satellite TV – there are two or three different companies that provide it. Including Dish and Direct.
We got to the bakery just as two tourist vans pulled up. Luckily we were in first and got our rolls. The baker really likes Bill and she made sure she got our stuff bagged quickly. I was listening to the tourist guide. One thing I didn’t know before – this tiny bakery makes over 600 rolls and buns a day, every day but Saturday when she is closed. 600 a day! The only person we’ve ever seen helping her is her husband.
From there we went to visit some friends who live just up the road a way towards Concordia. We always take them some of the rolls. Bill was visiting with them and I was watching what was going on around the area. This women made a couple trips up the hill with wood when her husband finally showed up with a load and they took it up together. They gather it in a gully down behind the houses.
And he just decided to cross the street to visit his friend. This is the main road between Mazatlan and Durango and the traffic is heavy and fast. I wondered what would happen if an 18-wheeler happened along as he was crossing.
Later in the day we went to La Noria. It was still cloudy and cool out even there. Going into town we passed this group of women with their new brooms. The truck selling brooms, mops and cleaning supplies had just left.
A little further up the group of men who are always here. Just shooting the breeze.
We were there because Bill had ordered some cow hides that were delivered to Roberto’s place and we had to pick them up. While there Roberto sent Bill across the street to another leather place as they had just received a delivery of hides from Recodo (we were there a couple of weeks ago). Checking out the hides with the owner and his son.  
Yes he bought them. And do they ever stink. Now they are wrapped tight in plastic which I hope keeps the smell in.
By the time we got home this time the sky was clearing. Looking out at the back of the campground.
Another shot of another sunset.
Someone asked if I use a tripod. No I don’t – have never used one. I know it would make some pictures easier to take but I just don’t want to be bothered.  So I get a lot of blurry pictures I just delete. And speaking of blurry pictures. I take a lot of pictures from the car - usually when we are moving - sometimes through the windshield. Also take most of my pictures without flash.[thats why some of them look darker than they should] So I get many, many pictures that have to be discarded. Thank goodness for digital cameras. I'd go broke if they had to be developed.
Off to see what today brings.


  1. that sunset pic is really neat....looks like the clouds are laying on the water

  2. Hi,,,I sure enjoy your blog and Photos, tell me,,,,what does Bill do with all this leather he buys?
    Thanks and Best Wishes