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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Visiting with friends

Wednesday – early a.m.
Been up since five o’clock – like an idiot I went to sleep around 9:30 last night - very early for me - so I’m up early too. For some reason yesterday I didn’t feel like doing anything – even turning the pages of my book took an effort. Maybe one of those “recharging my batteries” kind of days. Wasn’t sick just didn’t have any energy. Bill did manage to drag me out in the afternoon to go pick up our laundry and go to Mega for a couple of things. Found some carrot cake in Mega and bought a couple of pieces – wasn’t that good – too dry. Made my sweet tooth happy though.
This morning I’m rearing to go – Tomorrow afternoon our friends from Indiana get here so we will be busy every day.
Monday night I was keeping track of the Daytona on the laptop – couldn’t see the race but had the lap by lap written information. Only JP Montoya could set the track on fire during a caution! What a spectacle that must have been. Still think that should not be a points race. And Sadler taking out JJ and Danica…..Where we live in Indiana we have a drag race track in Bean Blossom and 30 some miles away in Bloomington is a dirt track. But haven’t gone to either of them. Tony Stewart started racing somewhere around there I imagine. I’m the race fan – Bill isn’t too in to it.
Going back a couple of posts and the girl in her birthday finery. The 15th birthday here in Mexico is really a big deal. In fact there are even checklists available to plan the event. Quoting from a web site on planning the day “Your quinceanera is one of the most important days in your lifetime; you only turn 15 once. Make sure everything goes according to plan by following a checklist.”
Read more:
Quinceanera Checklist | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_7245346_quinceanera-checklist.html#ixzz1nmGDGdjg

Check out the site it is amazing – planning starts two years before the birthday. No wonder some of them cost in the thousands of US dollars.
Going back to Monday – we were waiting for John and Carol to get here so didn’t do much. Took the laundry in – told them we were missing a towel from last time and they said they’d look for it. And then we walked around some of the shops selling tourist items along the main road in front of all the hotels. Some stairs leading to the apartments over the stores.
Bill finally bought a big parrot sitting on a swing. He’s been looking at them for years. This one is paper mache and very colorful. It will look great on our covered porch. (forgot to take a picture of it.) We were looking at the colorful blankets but don’t need any. Sure are pretty colors though.
John and Carol got here early afternoon. So we took them for a ride around Mazatlan then stopped at Fat Fish for ribs. After eating we went out to the point by the harbor to watch the sunset. Wasn’t real pretty and it was getting kind of cold and windy.
Bill taking a picture of them.
Back home and found out the race was on. Would have liked to actually seen it but settled for the leaderboard.
When we picked our laundry up yesterday – we had our missing towel. It got sent home with a different customer and the laundry found it for us.
Later today maybe we’ll head over to the Centro Historico and check on the progress of the church refinishing.
I was just reading about the tornados yesterday in the Midwest – they hit basically all along our route home. Lovely. We really try to watch the weather when we’re traveling home every year as we have to go right through “tornado alley.” Right now our hometown is having beautiful weather going to be 67 degrees there today.  Here it only got up to 74 yesterday. And it got so windy last night we pulled the big awning in. Could hear the toppers on the slide flapping all night.  

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  1. That weather you were talking about is getting us today...it's north of us for now...it killed 10 people this morning in Harrisburg IL. supposed to get us this afternoon...time to batten down the hatches. You really should try the dirt track races they are so much fun :)