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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A quiet Saturday evening in Mazatlan

As you can probably guess we are having lots of quiet time lately. Got out and about a little yesterday. But didn’t get over to check out the progress on the church. Have to do that.
I mentioned we went grocery shopping at the Mega store here. Here is a pic of the moving sidewalk you have to use as the store is on the upper floor. Once on the moving sidewalk the carts don’t move – you can let go of the handle and they just sit there. Some kind of magnetic locking system for the wheels. Can you imagine kids with the carts if they rolled free? Or trying to hang on to a really loaded cart?
Yesterday we went to the big used book store here – exchanged seven of our read books for seven new [used] ones. Cost us about US$1.70 per book. Should keep us busy again for a while.
Barnes and Noble is back to not letting me download any books because I’m using a Mexican internet system. Will have to wait until we cross the border and I can get back on a US system to be able to read them. They were happy enough to take my money though. And yesterday I tried to log on to another site and got back the message – “Only for customers in North America” – funny last time I looked Mexico was part of North America. Some one needs to study geography – or don’t they teach that any more.
Some times I wonder why NASCAR even runs in Daytona – if I was an owner I’d only run my cheapest/junkiest cars there – that’s all you get to take home is junk. Just write it off as a demolition derby. Expensive weekend for KBM – both truck and Nationwide car got wrecked. Neither his fault. Hope today is better.
Drove out to the lookout point on the south end of town to see the sunset – not much of one to see. No clouds to add interest.
Watched these guys fish for a while.
Can not figure out how they got down there. No dry land to walk there. They had to have climbed down the steep cliffs. You can just barely see them way down there on top of the rocks in the left middle bottom part of the picture.
From there it is only a short drive to the Plazuela Machado where we decided we’d have dinner. We got there kind of early for a Saturday evening but there were a lot of people there already. And lots of vendors setting up. Just as we were coming into the plaza we passed this girl. Her 15th birthday outfit getting pictures taken.
Later on as we were leaving we watched a bride and groom have pictures taken. It is such a pretty setting.
The Hacienda Hotel on the Malecón changes the lights on the front of the hotel for the season. They still have their Valentine Day heart lit. Looks neat. 
We didn’t stay in the plaza as long as we usually do it was getting quite cool and damp out. The dampness seeps right through to the bones.
Anyway that has been all we’ve done lately. Everyday more and more RVs leave the campground heading north. In 13 days we'll be one of them. Of course we'll still be a long way from home.  


  1. Carol, don't know if this would make any difference but maybe if you went from your Mexican logon to Google and then used Google to get to Barnes and Noble it would work. Just a thought if they are focusing in on the Mexican search engine.

  2. I agree with ya on the racing and demolition derby thing...my son races a local dirt track here in tennessee..we had our winterfest this weekend ...went for practice Friday nite..didnt go good, oil pump went out so we just spectated yesterday...it was miserably cold and windy all of us are wind burnt and frozen to the bone but had lots of fun and seen good racing...maybe you can find a local track back home...we love it and I'm sure you would too since you like nascar :) safe travels

  3. as usual you are keeping very busy. Isn't it neat how the girls dress up for their birthdays? Have a safe trip home.