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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday was a quiet day

Bill just mentioned that we will be leaving Mazatlan heading towards home in just 19 days. We left home 130 days ago. After we leave here it will take us a while to just get to the border then of course all the way across the states to home. The next 19 days will be busy though. John and Carol who we hung around with in Aticama will be here a week from today on their way home. Probably only overnight though. And around the 1st of the month our friends from Indiana will be here for a week. When they leave we’ll be getting cleaned up and packed up to hit the road. So time will fly and another Mexican adventure will be over.

Not much going on around here yesterday. Roberto, from La Noria, and his brother and son came over so Bill could show them the basics of forming the leather masks.
I got another couple inches of my necklace done – getting back into the rhythm of it and it is now starting to look nice.
A couple of days ago when we were in La Noria I got stung by a bee on my middle finger. Got out of the car and grabbed the strap of my camera and ZAP – never saw the bee but sure felt it. And the tree right by where we were parked was loaded with white flowers and bees. It’s been a long time since I’ve been stung. My finger is still red and a little swollen and itches like crazy. Glad I’m not allergic to them.
The caravan is leaving this morning. They will be taking the ferry across to Baja and go to California from there. Their trip was 49 days and cost US$8,500 per couple. Not counting gas, food (some meals included.)
Carnaval is in full swing. We are staying away from the crowds but can hear when the fireworks go off. No plans for today except go to market to get my bottled green ice tea.

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