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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Art Walk Night in Mazatlan

Very early Saturday morning – like 5:30. Couldn’t sleep any longer and Bill was restless and already up – he was fooling with the Internet when I came roaming out. He said he’d been on line fine and then POOF – no more Internet. We finally just shut it off and stowed the dish. Don’t know what its problem is – I think it is the router but I can’t fix it sooooo. Will continue using the Telcel for now. Don’t need another 31 minute call to tech support.
I think I mentioned that Bill got a haircut. The barber Luis comes to the RV Park a couple of times a week.
Haircut costs US$5. So Bill should be set until we get home as it is very short now. Last year Luis daughter came with him and gave manicures and pedicures. But haven’t seen her yet this year.  And the produce truck comes by three or four times a week.
Last night was the monthly Art Walk in the Distric Historico so about 5:00 we set out for there. Carnaval starts here in Mazatlan on Feb 16th – with several festivities leading up to it. In fact tonight, Saturday, is the choosing of the Queen. The city is starting to put up decorations now. The theme for Mazatlán’s Carnaval celebration this year is The Empires Celebration. The empires of France, Russia, Rome, and China will be represented by Carnaval royalty. So far they have put up large paper Maché figures, representing the four empires, along the Malecón. Here is one of them. It was starting towards dusk so the pics didn’t turn out too well but you can get the idea. Actually I think they are kind of weird!
Most of the Art Galleries are around the Plazuela Machado so we went to our favorite estacionamiento (parking lot) in the area and headed out to enjoy the evening. We almost didn’t go because the day had been pretty cool and I was afraid it might be really cold – and I seem to be coming down with a cold. As it turned out it was very nice out in the evening. The weather on that side of town is usually warmer than it is on our side of town. Walking towards one of the galleries we passed this enthusiastic vendor. He was sound asleep!
Into another galley and discovered this table and chair set. Beautiful. Table and six chairs US$2200 – all hand carved in wood and painted. [We have seen them much cheaper inland.] There is a headboard for a bed behind them and a hall chest seat.
Saw a big variety of different “objects de arte” some great some weird. These are ceramic.
This is just graffiti on a wall in a parking area. Some of the graffiti here is amazing and should have an art walk all its own.
One of the old buildings that has been restored with the setting sun shining on it.
One of the old buildings that has not been restored with the setting sun shining on it. See the potential there?
We went into the lobby of one of the old hotels right on the beach – had never gone in there before. Saw this lovely tile half wall.
Continued walking looking in stores, restaurants and galleries. Some of the art for sale. These are photographs printed on canvas. Like the one I bought a couple of months ago.
We were walking on the street that goes right along the ocean watching the sun as it dipped lower and lower.
Just as it was sinking out of sight these two sunset ride tourist boats passed in front of it.
The last of the color turning the clouds overhead rosey.
Heading back towards the plaza – the colored lights strung over the streets were starting to come on.
No reason for this picture I just liked the scene. Don’t know why the water was in the street – maybe a leak or some one just watering down the dust. The lady resting a bit (or waiting for her friends to catch up) is studying her Art Walk brochure. Where to go next?
A peeling paint job, ornate light fixture and the moon. Who could ask for more eye candy?
Back in the plaza we decided we were hungry and stopped at Beach Burger – both of us had steak and baked potato and salad and veggies. After all that walking we needed sustenance. And the steaks were actually very good. The ambiance can’t be beat. Vendors selling all sorts of interesting things, lots of people from the very young babes in arms to grand parents. Music from several sources. The music closest to us was a very good trumpet player – wonderful music to dine by. Near by someone was blowing bubbles – they seemed to be floating in time to the music.
About half way through dinner everyone in the plaza got a shock. Nearby fireworks started to go off. Not the pretty lights in the sky kind. But the noisy BANG! kind. About jumped out of my shoes. After a second of silence everyone started laughing and talking at once as we all looked around for the source of the “display.” Don’t know where it was. They do like their BANG fireworks.
After dinner – by then it was getting kind of cool we headed to the car. Had to pass the music school that holds night classes. I can say they were loud – but think they needed a little more practice. Fun to watch though.
After getting in the car we found our way out of the parking lot blocked by a truck unloading props for the Carnaval festivities. But they were pretty quick.
It was one of the busiest nights we have seen in the plaza this year. Lots and lots of people walking around and buying things and sitting down to eat and/or drink. There was even more traffic than usual driving home.

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