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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Work on church is progressing

Had to look it up to see what day today is – Thursday – easy to forget when there are no plans or specific things to do to remind you.
Thinking more and more about what we’ll have to do when we get home than what we are going to do the remaining time we are here. One thing we have to do at home is replace Willie’s license plates – because they were personalized I wonder if we’ll be able to get the same ones – I bet not because they were stolen.
Went to Centro Historico again yesterday and all the streets are now open to traffic. Most of them had all the Carnaval kiosks and stages gone and were clean. The only ones they were still working on were right where the night before parade was.
This never ceases to amaze me. However many fit. I’d be scared to death that I’d drop the baby. Especially in the traffic here. But then I don’t like riding on one of them anyway.
Went by the church to check on progress. They get a lot done in one day. This section is recemented and marked but still needs painting.
Bill talking to the workers. They use special cement for the refinishing and mix it by hand in a wheelbarrow, put it in buckets and send it up to the workers. This refurbishing should last about 40 years. The padre made them take off all the old cement right down to the bricks. They were going to just put the new over the old but Padre said nope!
The worker is showing us how the lines are made in the cement. With a level and a trowel to make the indentation. While standing up on a piece of board between two pieces of scaffolding.  
Sending a bucket of cement up to the top.
The wheelbarrow it is mixed in and giving a bucket to one of the workers.
The guy WAY up on top who is doing the edge work. He is smoothing the cement with a wooden form to give it its dimension.
The work is fascinating me so every time we go over there I want to walk by and check out the progress.
Went in the Municipal Mercado and walked around a bit. Bought a couple of baseball type caps – 3 x 100 or about US$2.50 each. Saw a guy walking around with a cart with these beautiful plants on them. I’ve never seen anything like it before. He was selling them, but the ones he was selling for about three dollars were only five inches tall.
A close up. If we see him again maybe I’ll get one anyway – see if it ever grows up.
We are now kind of in a holding pattern cause we are waiting for our friends to get here before we go anywhere out of town.
Best sign off, Bill just fixed breakfast and it looks and smells good. Don't know what we'll do today but know we need tomatoes at the market. Feels like it is going to be really warm today. 

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