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Friday, February 10, 2012

Some more time in La Noria

Trying to catch up this is from Tuesday and Wednesday - my second post for today - first is just below it.
We’ve been to La Noria a couple of times talking to Roberto at his leather shop. While they talk I wander around outside the place. These three old men are always sitting out side at the same place . They wave to us now – recognize the car I guess. See the tope (speed bump) up the street from them. It is a killer – almost square and really rough. The one in front of them isn’t too pleasant to go over either. If you hit either of them at full speed – you’d be picking up parts of your car.
Just up the street from the leather shop is a tiny corner meat market. Every day they cook meat out in front of it on a half barrel grill. It always smells so good. The girl sitting down in the blue shirt is the cook. This corner is also a gathering place. As people walk by they stop and talk for a while.
Across the street is a small market and a tortilla maker. There are inviting chairs out front – waiting for someone to sit and visit. The younger guy in the cap has his ATV up on the porch out of the narrow road.
Bill got a piece of nice thing leather from Roberto then took it over to another leather shop in town to have it cut in strips.  Juan Antonio the owner of the place did the honors. The machine looks older than him.
A closer look at the machine. It has cutting disks that are of different sizes to cut one or more strips at a time. He is cutting three at a time. (That’s Bills hand holding the cut strips.)The shop uses the machine to cut strips for making the leather sandals they sell. Also for trim on saddles and purses etc.
A cute purse they sell. Made like a small saddle. Some of the strips are used on it for trim. All the stamping, dying and binding is done by hand.
We also have made another trip to Malpica to the bakery for the delicious croissants and sweet rolls. Making me fat!
Checked out our Telcel usage and since we got it in December we haven’t even used 2GB. We have to reactivate it on the 18th for another month – will just about get us out of Mexico. Then when in AZ will have to see what the heck is going on with the satellite…….
We just paid for another month here at Las Jaibas - so now we know on March 10th we'll start for home. And thats a long trip.
Also spent part of one day redoing our business cards for Bill’s web site. Forgot to bring extras….and didn’t transfer the file to the laptop – so had to start from scratch. Finally got it together okay. But I think we need ink in the printer as they came out pretty light in color. But they will do for now – ink here is VERY expensive.
Going to post this and start on our visit to the tequila factory – it was interesting. We went therer the day they were taking the piñas out of the ovens and crushing them.
Will probably post again later - then be caught up.

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