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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ice Cream Cones in Concordia

We’ve returned home after heading to the ocean to watch the sunset. More on that later.

I think I said that coming back to Mazatlan is like coming home. When we got to the bakery the lady asked us where we’d been, she hadn’t seen us in a long time. Then when we got to Antonio’s home he told Bill he had been worried about him. He knew we were going to Aticama but thought we were only going to be there for a week, not over a month. The man in the parking lot greeted us like long lost relatives as did the lady who owns the restaurant in the Plazuela Machado. She gave us both big hugs and kisses.
Here in Mazatlan the weather is in the low 80s during the day but inland in Concordia it was 93. Sure glad we’re closer to the ocean. Back to our excursion. Since we were here last the bridge sidewalk and railings have been painted. That is the church in Concordia in the background. Click on the pictures if you want to make them bigger.
Turning into the town we passed this older woman carrying her groceries. Notice she is looking down. That is necessary as the sidewalks are very uneven.
We parked at the main plaza and decided to have an ice cream cone. Bill is buying them.
He had strawberry and I had vanilla. The ice cream is more like iced milk instead of the creamy texture we are used to. It was made by the vendor’s wife in their home. It was very very good.
While sitting on one of the white wrought iron benches in the plaza we admired the church. I’ve talked about it’s history before. Built by the Spanish in the late 1500s.
A closer look at the statue on top of the right hand column. Maybe it is Saint Sebastian – the church is named after him.
A closer look at some of the intricate work on the front of the church.
While sitting there we were treated to a strange political speech. This guy with his loud speaker was giving a speech touting the virtues of one of the presidential candidates. Yes, they will soon be having elections too. He was reading it off of a prepared typed piece of paper. When he finished reading one paper an old man standing behind him handed him another one to read from. I think we were the only people paying attention to him. Bill said he was promising the moon and the stars……Sound familiar?
Walked around looking in the stores. I like the signage – Lady’s Boutique – and above the door “Where good taste prevails.”
Another store across the street. It sells clothes and shoes and boots. and very skinny jeans.
And he sells steering wheels and seat covers. No overhead.
These picture frames were sale in the plaza. They are hand made with pieces of wood of different colors.
On the way back to Mazatlan we stopped at one of the furniture factories. They do some exquisite work. A frame for a mirror and a hall table.

A love seat, still needs its seating pads. There was also a full size sofa and a dining room set with table and six chairs. Didn’t ask the price.
Passed this just outside of Mazatlan – they are making building blocks by hand. Mixing the stone and molding them. Then stacking them to dry. He is filling the molds.
Once back in town we went to the Plazuela Machado for lunch. Good Italian Chicken Salad. We shared one salad and I still couldn't finish mine. While we were eating we were treated to a really nice musical interlude . One of the restaurants had hired a trumpet player to entertain the lunch customers. He was pretty darn good.
Then we went out to watch the sunset. Looking across the bay to the Malecón area of Mazatlan.
The sun is down – the day is ending.
Bill watched TV and I worked on this and read – we can pick up a couple of Mazatlan stations.
Its morning now and the sun is coming up from behind the palm trees. Today my big agenda is going through the freezer to take stock of what we have in there and doing a load of laundry. Other than that - who knows.........

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