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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Tuesday a.m.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

Bill is back laying down – he says reading – but the book is laying on the bed and his eyes are closed – wonder what he is reading? Can’t blame him though as he was up very very early this morning. Guess I was “sawing logs” most of the night to the point he gave up trying to sleep. He said he got up so at least one of us could get some sleep. Sorry dear.
I want to thank everyone who responded to my “pity party”of yesterday's post – I was more contemplating/wondering/curious/musing in print than anything. I get streaks like that every once in a while. I also want to apologize to everyone who has written to me via gmail – I completely forgot I had a gmail account. When we are in the states all gmail shows up on our cell phone – here in MX it doesn’t – and I just plain forgot about it.
I did try to answer everyone this morning. 
Yesterday we didn’t do anything exciting. Unless you can call going to WalMart exciting. No I didn’t think so….We got a case of bottled water and after much searching of aisles a refill for our soft soap.
After getting home I printed a photo on one piece of the canvas we found the other day. Came out pretty good – but need to figure out how to do it borderless – I know…read the choices on the printer. Going to try another one today – but it is such a hard choice – which of my zillions of pictures do I want to try. Something very colorful I know.
One reason we didn’t do much yesterday was my fault. About seven or eight years ago I broke one of the bones in my foot and as I get older it bothers me more and more. Our two days of walking and walking have it a little swollen and very angry with me. So kind of kept off of it. Also good excuse to sit and read – I borrowed “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” from the library. Read the first two in the series a couple of years ago. But didn’t want to spend the money for the Hornets Nest – not really a fan of the author – but when it showed up in the library – why not. Enjoyed it – but find I tend to skip a lot of the pages when the author goes on and on and on. I think the book could be half the length it is.
Our friend Angelica came over early evening to visit and we ended up going to the Plazuela Machado for a late dinner. Had a good meal and a lot of fun talking and catching up with each other. She has lost over 70 pounds since we saw her a year ago. She looks amazing. The plaza was very quiet last night – only a couple of the restaurants open and very few people there.
I don’t think I took even one picture yesterday – my camera must be in shock.
Later today we’ll go somewhere – if only a ride up the coast a ways.

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