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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Closed Roads and RAIN!

We went out to breakfast yesterday  morning across the street at the Torres hotel. Always a very good meal and nice atmosphere. The restaurant is right on the beach but has big windows that are kept closed until the day warms up. Bill had an omelet, says it was one of the best he has eaten. Must have been good he sent his compliments and a good sized tip to the chef. While eating we watched a man out in the water fishing. He didn’t catch anything while we were watching.
We had pretty much decided that next year we will stay home for the winter. But while sitting in the hotel’s restaurant having breakfast we got to talking about maybe flying down here for a month and staying in a condo or hotel. Then renting a car if we needed one. At the price of diesel it certainly would be cheaper to fly then drive. And we eat out more than we cook. Wouldn’t have to pay extra for Internet as most hotels provide it. Have to look into it.
After breakfast we dropped the laundry off again – Bill’s idea not mine. But of course I don’t mind it. Then on down the Malecón – more and more preparations for Carnaval. We’ve also been talking about the statues they put up. They are made of paper mache built on a steel frame. Then they were painted with quite a bit of detail. To be fair they are pretty impressive. It is just that we were expecting something more Carnavalish – masks or something.
These gates have been up for a few days but today when we came up on them the street was closed completely going south.
We were detoured along a way we haven’t been before. Isn’t it a little late in the year to be getting rid of your Christmas tree? It was really brown and dry.
I’m posting this picture because of the mirror in it. It is one of those mirrors that help you see oncoming traffic. Well….remember in the last post I mentioned we kind of got off the beaten track in the Alfa a few years ago. One of the problems in turning a very sharp corner was one of these mirrors. Bill told me to check to see if – as he turned – the Alfa was going to clear the mirror. So I stuck my head out the door and closely watched the pole of the mirror – “okay, okay.” I kept saying until CRUNCH – “STOP” to late the top of the Alfa had made contact with the mirror part of the mirror. Oh, Oh, now we were really between a rock – the rock wall on one side of the street – and a hard place – the mirror. Well eventually Bill got us out of there and I will mention that up to last year the mirror was never fixed. This year there is a pole with a small solar panel on it in that place. And the Alfa has never been in that part of town again.
this is a different mirror
This picture is strickly for our youngest son – it’s a “cheese” car. Remember when they were all the vogue in the middle 70s – Don’t remember why we started calling them cheese cars but it has stuck all these years. Years ago memories.
Following our detour route to the end we discovered we were at the entrance to the harbor. Followed a dirt road out as far as it went to watch the boats go by. There’s the freighter, a fishing boat and a tourist boat.
Then we went looking for the tourist boat dock. Maybe when our friends get here we’ll take a sunset cruise – that would be fun. Also found the dock for the little boats that ferry people over to Stone Island – just across the inlet. This was in the parking lot. Probably more comfortable than the seats in the cab. We've seen all kinds of chairs in the back of trucks - including rocking chairs.
Driving down a little further we got a good look at the Baja Ferry it was just unload. A stream of vehicles were coming out of the gates onto the road. From small cars to semis. Going back to Baja the ferry leaves about 5:00 and docks in La Paz the next morning. One of our sons is going to be in Cabo next week and suggested we go over there to see him for a day. Don’t think I’d be comfortable overnight on the ferry going and coming back.
Found this little section of small fishing boats. The truck in the background was being loaded up so guess the fishing was done for the day. Even the pelicans were quiet.
Continuing down along the harbor we found this statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Saw one man go up to it kneel and say a prayer. The arch of flowers are silk. The flower bouquet in front is real.
I took a closer look at it and realized she was holding a net bag full of shrimp. Offering? Fresh? Don’t know. But interesting.
Passed the empty cruise ship docks. What a shame that they have stopped coming here. Although I saw a snippet on line that once company will be coming back in the fall of this year.
So then we headed back towards the Centro Historico – this truck is delivering flats of eggs. With all the topes and rough roads I wonder how many break a trip.
Just got a small shot of this house as we drove by. The entire front of the house looked like this. Hopefully we find it again some day so I can get a good picture of it.
Everytime I see stairs like these leading up to a house I wonder how they manage to get their groceries up there. But then I remember most women only shop for one day or sometimes one meal. But still that is quite a climb. And no rails to hang on to. By the time I got home I'd have to take a nap!
A row of houses – almost every building here shares common walls. Three of the four have been fixed up – one is still a ruin. Wonder how much it would sell for? Then how much would it take to recondition it? I bet that is the expensive part not the buying.
Headed towards home where we did a little more cleaning and reading. In the evening we went to visit a friend that has a little shop in a restaurant. The restaurant is on the beach. Got there in time for sunset but it didn’t look like it was going to be very pretty. Talked to him for awhile…..
Then left but as we drove along the shore the sunset began to glow. Pulled over and stopped and took these. Turned out to be beautiful.

So with those beautiful pictures I'll shut up for today. Besides Bill is cooking breakfast and it is almost ready. And it has stopped raining, rained just enough to dirty up the clean windshield and spot the cars.


  1. Great photos once again. I think the very last one is my favorite. Another blogger I read is on Stone Island. 5C's Que Pasa come down from Canada every year.

  2. I think the one with the horse on the beach would look great on canvas gorgeous pics once again :)

  3. It is so much fun traveling with you vicariously. Beautiful pictures as lays.

  4. I think the sunset pictures are outstanding. Tell, did you use a tripod?