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Friday, February 17, 2012

Rainy Days and T-shirts

Gloomy Friday morning
Carnaval started with a bang yesterday. Literally with a bang. Lots of thunder and lightening and heavy rain. Talk about raining on someone’s parade! From the amount of beer kiosks around the parade route I doubt if anyone noticed it. Today has a 30% chance of rain too. The temps remain in the 70s though.
We just ran a few necessary errands yesterday – picked up the laundry, got groceries and renewed the Telcel Internet stick. So it’s good to go until April – wish it could work in the US.
I and I watched some interviews from the drivers during Daytona Media Day. Should be a good season this year. Lots of new things going on.
Just some news from around the campground. An Adventure Caravan came in yesterday. Only 10 rigs. In prior years they have always had 20 or more rigs. Don’t know where they came from. Some come from Baja – Some from further south on the main land. What amazes me is how much they charge for the tours and that people pay. 
Wanted to share a picture with you of one of the many mango trees here in the campground.
Every one of the brownish blooms will produce a multitude of mangos.
A close up of one of the blooms. See the little green mango babies. That’s lots of mangos.
I bought a t-shirt for me – with a Carnaval 2012 theme and with a pulmonia (little taxi) on it. Colorful and cute. Someday way in the future I plan on making a quilt out of t-shirts I’ve picked up traveling. Think that will be fun.
We are still killing three to four of those damn bugs a day in here. Don’t know where they hide out to multiply – sure wish we could find the hatchery. When we get home to unload we will have to carefully check everything before we take it in the house so we don’t bring them back in with us. I’ve had the house sprayed a couple of times since we’ve been gone so hopefully there are none there now.
The sun did pop out long enough to give us a so so sunset last night – only lasted for a few minutes.
So far not plans for today - we'll see what the weather brings.

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  1. still yet a gorgeous sunset....calling for snow here in TN sun :( soooo ready for some of the weather you have :)