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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pizza and walking around the Marina


The birds are walking on the roof – sounds like elephants up there. How can something so small make so much noise when walking? When I was reading yesterday one flew into the window – scared me half to death. He was okay – just sat on the ledge for a minute or two and then flew away.
Before we knew the Daytona race was canceled we went over to the Marina to the sports/pizza bar there to see if they were going to show it. The place was closed when we got there and wouldn’t open until a couple of hours later. So we just walked around the marina. It is a pretty good sized place. The building in the background is the condo we were looking at a couple of years ago. It has quite a view - the three top units are still available. Interested?

I like the sidewalks – very pretty. Just hope they maintain them through the years.
We had set our minds on pizza for lunch so we ended up going to Dominoes and getting one to take home. It was pretty much like we can get at home except they only have thin crusts.
By then knew the race was on a rain hold and eventually rained out. Looks like it might not even be today cause of weather. We should be Tony Stewart fans as his home town is about 25 miles from where we live. In fact it is where we go to do all our shopping. He is building a big new home there. But..I'm a Kyle Busch fan - he's a heck of a driver. Besides I like the M&M car. Our son John was an Earnhart fan and it drove him nuts when I pulled for Kyle.  

About the only excitement for the day was checking Tioga George’s blog – for the first time since I’ve been reading it he didn’t make a post. Had everyone worried. But I see he did post today. Have to remember he is in an area where electricity is a problem.
When we get back in the states - unless the satellite dish is an easy fix - we'll be at the mercy of campground wifi. Been looking on line at Verison Mifi - maybe with it we could get rid of the satellite at home too.
John and Carol (heading home to Idaho from Aticama) should be here sometime this afternoon. Be great to see them again and we'll go out to dinner for ribs. Other than that no plans for today. 

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  1. ok now first George now ya'll....hope your doin ok and visiting ...waiting on your post :)