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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday sunset and Monday in town

Monday early afternoon
Yesterday was another quiet day. Sunny but not hot out. This morning again is overcast but it looks like it is burning off some already.
We did return the router yesterday to Office Depot – they took it right back no problem. So we will be using Telcel exclusively until we can get our satellite system fixed back in the USA. Here in Mazatlan the Telcel works great, really fast. The only problem with it is only one of us can be on line at a time.
Then on to Soriana, the grocery store, to get a few things. Every year we find more and more items we Americanos like on the shelves of the major markets. Yesterday I saw Tuna Helper even. And Bill picked up a package of Anchovies - ISH! In the freezer section we found Argentine Empanadas (meat pies) and Fresas con Crèma [strawberries with cream.] Had to try both of them right after we got home. The empanadas tasted good but because we heated them in the microwave they were mushy – probably would be better if done in the oven or toaster oven. The Fresas con Crema weren’t as good as what is sold on the beach in Aticama – not as much crema – so I added some Reddi Whip – we brought it from home but can buy it here in the markets too. With the added cream they were great. Will have to remember to get some to take home with us when we leave.
We had company in the afternoon. Roberto, the leather worker from La Noria, and his wife Jessie came over for a while. Sometimes I can figure out a little of what is being said but mostly I don’t have a clue. Very nice people – they took a bus from their home on the other side of town to here and then their son picked them up. Jessie works in the gift shop at the Tequila Distillery up by La Noria.
And last night of course we watched the Super Bowl – in Spanish – it sure sounded exciting. (Remember the commercial where the Spanish soccer announcer gives a play by play of a chess game?) It sounded like that. The only words I could understand were Manning, Manning, Manning or Brady, Brady, Brady. I'm surprised they didn't yell "GOOOOOAAAAALLLL" when a touch down was made. At least one Manning managed to win something in Indianapolis this year.
Was a pretty sunset – just happened to look out the window in time to catch some of the color. Double clicking the pictures will bring them up in a larger format.
Went into town just after I wrote the above paragraphs. Found out a lot of places were closed today as it is Constitution Day. We passed the church and noticed scaffolding up in the front of it. Took a closer look and saw that it is being painted. Up till now I thought the design was different colored stone. Nope just paint. I didn’t get the very top of the scaffolding in this picture – it is pretty high up there.
In the previous picture there are two round medallions above the door. This guy is painting above the highest one. He’s using a roller and painting the white part. Not bothering to stay in the lines. I don’t see a safety harness on him.
This young man is sitting just above the main doors. No safety apparatus for him either. In front of him just behind one of the paint buckets is another man, can just see his legs. He did have on a harness.
This man is again way up at the top on the other scaffolding on the right side. He is painting the gray blocks – he has to stay in the lines. And he is wearing a harness. Maybe they only have a couple and share them. Who feels lucky today?
The wrought iron fence around the church grounds is also being painted – going from orange to black. It is also being done by hand. But at least he is on the ground.
After checking out a couple craft/yardage stores we headed for the Plazuela Machado for lunch. A picture of it in the daylight. We ate at the restaurant with the green table clothes.
Looking the other direction from our table.
There were several groups of tourists coming through and taking pictures. More than we’ve seen for a while. Probably hotel and timeshare guests as the boats still aren’t docking here.
He rode by while we were eating. Been shopping for lunch maybe.
This is one of the trees lining the street. An electrical connection for the lights at night.
It is attached to another wire coming up out of the ground with black electricians tape.
Just happened to look up and saw this pretty piece of a building as we were walking back to the car.
Another one of the strange paper maché figures on the Malecón for Carnaval. They are huge - see the motorcycle on the ground next to it. And the little golf cart pulminea is full size.
Probably not going to do much the rest of the day, read and try to figure out how I messed up my travel database….going to be a hair pulling experience. Hope I can remember how to do it and get it fixed. Microsoft Access can be persnickety sometimes.
Cool enough we don’t have the ac on today, nice breeze and according to weather channel we might get some rain. The trees and bushes sure need a good rain to wash them off.


  1. The colors are absolutely gorgeous....dont think i want fish ...didnt look appealing lol i enjoy reading about your day seems like you find something interesting on a daily basis...enjoy

  2. Always love catching up on your blog. Keep the photos and commentary coming. Beautiful!