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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A little about Tucumcari, NM with pictures

Sorry if I insulted Texans yesterday – I know there are prettier parts of Texas but the I-40 is not one of them……
The map on the back of Jennie -
Kind of cool when we got up this morning – low 40s again, but supposed to warm up during afternoon. But we will probably be inside. NASCAR race and soccer game on later. Bill fixed delicious breakfast this morning then we took a trip to Kmart again – and this time found a little battery operated travel clock [that was easy to set]  and some banana nut muffins for snacks later.
Then rode around town a little. We’ve been here several years in a row so have posted lots of pictures of it in the past. Just search the blog for “Tucumcari” to see pictures of several of the murals.
Just a tidbid. - In 1926 U.S. Highway 66 came through town and Tucumcari became a roadside attraction with motels, restaurants, and dazzling neon lights. In 2000 there were 6000 residents.
A lot of the old motel signs are still standing but the buildings have been demolished.
A Curio shop – closed on Sunday.
The mural painter, Doug Quarles, has painted logos and cars on the exteriors of many of the old gas stations.
A field full of old tow trucks from “the Mother Road” era.
Another gas station – love the car.
Old price sign – those were the days.
Another mural – I don’t think I’ve taken a picture of this one before.
One of the old vacant motels with its old fashioned signage.
Another big mural.
Restaurant on the main four corners. Kind of cute.
Went shopping in the little grocery store here and found a big section of shelving with different seasonings and spices. Some I’ve never seen before like Passion Flower, Alfalfa, Ground Shrimp, Jalapeno Salt to mention a few. This is only a very small section of it. Interesting what you can find in small groceries in small towns.

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