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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Good day from bad begining

Well yesterday started out as kind of an Oh Key-Rap day. But turned out beautiful. Not talking about the weather – which was also pretty nice. But more of that later. Been working on my angels again, have a couple more to finish – maybe later today if I can’t talk Bill into another ride in the country.

For many many years I’ve had a problem with hives – they just pop out – can’t find a reason for them – not allergic to anything. So years ago I went on medication to keep them in check. And it works great when I take it – the operative words being “take it.” Every once in a while I forget – or think “I haven’t had an outbreak for over a year so why take it.” And lately I’ve been taking the meds less rather than more. So wasn’t too surprised to notice a rash and knew I needed a shot of a strong antihistamine to get it under control. So called doc and went in yesterday a.m. One thing I’ve been known to say is “Don’t go the doctor if you’re feeling okay because by the time you leave you will be sick with something you didn’t know you had.” I should have listened to my own advice. He took one look at my “hives” and tut tutted and said, “You’ve got shingles.” Well SH!T!! He is pretty sure we caught them quickly enough that the episode won’t be too bad. Sure hope not. So now I’ve got more meds to take for two weeks. But also an excuse to be bitchy.
So to play on Bill’s sympathy and because it was a beautiful day I suggested we take a ride in beautiful Brown County. Here are some of the pictures from that ride.
 If you click on the pictures they will get bigger.

 We have bald eagles around here but don't know if that is one or not. Sure was enjoying himself though.

 Reflections, wind let up just long enough to get these pictures on    the quiet water.

Reds, oranges, yellows, greens and blue blue sky with puffy clouds. How perfect.
 Cloud shadow looks like a big wing.

Took many more but this gives an idea of what is it like around here this year. I think the colors are the prettiest we've ever seen them. Hope you enjoyed.
It is 7:58 a.m. and the sky is just now starting to get light out. Makes the day seem so short.


  1. You poor thing, shingles are not fun! Hope they go away soon. Looks like you had a beautiful day!

  2. Beautiful pictures of the colors. That is definitely one thing I miss about the midwest. Thank you for the tour.