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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Go Day minus One

Well today is “go day” minus one. Barring any bad weather or unforeseen happening tomorrow morning we will hit the road west. {Like the deer we just missed by inches yesterday morning going into town.}

Today is going to be warm – almost 80 and there is quite a bit of rain in the area but it is missing us so far. Bill is going to take Willie in for a transmission oil etc change. Got to keep Willie happy!
Just about everything but the food and the electronics are in Jennie and put away – well put away until we start rearranging them that is. Put rubber maid liner around the glasses and bottles yesterday so they don’t clink as we go down the road. There is a lot of room for stuff in Jennie – it’s just getting it where it is convenient to get to and doesn’t rattle around.
Wish we had a little bigger freezer but it will do. Just hope the power doesn’t go out at home for too long of a time over the winter.

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  1. Have fun on your trip - drive safe.