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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just got a" little bit" lost

We made it! We got an earlier start than usual this morning, for us anyway, 7:30 to try to get as far west as could before the weather turned nasty. We made it to Lebanon, MO about 225 miles, got parked and everything plug, loaded etc and the temps dropped by 20 degrees and the rain began. Up till then there had been some wind, mostly head on and it was quite warm. How quick it changed. Tomorrow is supposed to be clear ahead of us. If not we’ll just stay here.
Yesterday while eating lunch we got into a discussion with the waitress about buffets and how much some people can eat. She was telling us about going out to a Chinese buffet with one of her nephews. He is a big man – over 6’5” but not fat. Seems he loves coconut chicken so when he got to the buffet line instead of putting some on his plate he took the whole pan. The staff immediately replaced the hole with a full pan. This happened a couple more times. When the very large nephew made his fifth trip to the line the tiny Chinese owner of the restaurant met him there. Looking way up at him he held out his hand with the nephew’s money in it. “Take Money. And you go home now,” was his quiet plea. Nephew accepted money back and left. Can you imagine seeing that. How funny.
It looks like this year we made it out of Indiana without any flying passengers. Two years ago we had a rig full of bean bugs (lady bugs) didn’t get rid of them until we got into Mexico. Last year we had the tiny moth like things. Never got rid of them. Took some home with us. So in the last couple of years we’ve managed to infest all new areas of the US and parts of Mexico. Maybe I should just keep quiet about it.
Picture for us – first of many nights on the road.
A sign at the campground. I’ve seen it before but think it is funny

Up to the Minute  Weather Station  It says
If rock is wet                           It’s raining
If rock is swaying                   It’s windy
If rock is hot                           It’s sunny
If rock is cool                          It’s overcast
If rock is blue                          It’s cold
If rock is white                        It’s snowing
If rock is gone                         TORNADO
Put up our night window curtain for the first time. I for got how cute it is.
As I mentioned we got an early start this a.m. – strange to see the sun up and shinning at 7:30 – still dark in Indiana then.
All went well until we were passing right through downtown ( of course) Saint Louis and I missed one of the interchanges. Didn’t amount to much though as we stayed on a freeway type road and only had to make two extra turns to get back on the 44. I hate going through there. Too many transitions in too short of a space. “Tulsa” should have been a clue though.
Saw gas at a Mr. Fuel advertised at $3.04 for unleaded. We paid 3.15 at Flying J with our Flying J card, which we found out is also good for a 10% discount at the Denny’s there. Just easier to get in and out of FJ and park to eat too.  Only problem was while we were inside eating somehow a hubcap disappeared off of Jennie. It was there when we got the gas as Bill always does a walk around to check things out. Not the first time probably won’t be the last.
After lunch back out on the road the wind had really picked up but was mostly coming right on the front of us. But every once in awhile we’d get a good side gust. Hate that!
Is it just me or are there a lot of "Adult" businesses in Missouri? See an inordinate amount of signs on these road. One place even had tattoos, live (as opposed to not live?) dancers and chocolate???
So now we are listening to the rain on the roof and digging out the small heater. TV keeps cutting in and out with the severity of the storm.
Probably shouldn’t admit this but we have two clocks I can’t set – can’t figure them out. One is in Jennie’s dash – I KNOW I’ve set it before……the other is in the bedroom. Going to throw that one out and get a battery one for in there. Sure feel dumb sometimes.
Need to figure out something for dinner.


  1. Love the weather sign...haven't seen it before. Love your curtain with all the flamingos; where did you find it? Missouri does have more than it's share of "adult" businesses. Do you suppose it's because it is the "show me" state?

  2. I bought the flamingo material from a yardage store near home. Then cut the pictures out and fringed them and sewed them on a plain blue background. Love the "show me"

  3. I hate it when we get "lost". For some reason we cannot get through Mobile, Ala. without missing our turn and taking the scenic route. Im always afraid we are going to wind up at the tunnel. We wouldn't fit! Nice curtain. Stay safe.