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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We live in one of the Coolest Small town in USA

I told you we live in a SMALL town.

10 coolest towns in USA according to MSNBC

5. Nashville, Ind.: Pop. 803

Nashville didn't start out as a music town -- not this Nashville, anyway. For 100 years, this southern Indiana village did just fine as a turn-of-the-century Midwest artists' colony. Galleries and crafts studios still line the streets, the legacy of landscape painters such as T.C. Steele, who moved here in the early 1900s for the "purple haze" over the Brown County hills. The 23-room Artists Colony Inn even has palette-shaped key rings and works from the town's creative founders on its walls (105 S. Van Buren St., artistscolonyinn.com, doubles from $92).
The first artists were also drawn to Nashville's remoteness from urban distractions -- which is just what lured singer-songwriter Cari Ray in 2011. Ray was looking for a quiet place to work on her second record, but she ultimately found more stimulation than solitude. "There's so much energy and hidden talent here," she says. "And such a collaborative spirit. Everybody just wants to jam together." True to form, Ray can often be found performing with other area musicians at the once-abandoned Brown County Playhouse (70 S. Van Buren St., browncountyplayhouse.org, tickets from $15). Supply and demand for homegrown performances has spiked ever since the town's Little Nashville Opry, the only venue big enough to host touring acts, burned down in 2009. Just like that, "local musicians started filling in the gaps," says Eric "Wavy" Rose, who works at the Weed Patch Music Company, a custom guitar and banjo shop (58 E. Main St., weedpatchmusic.com, guitars from $90). After all, who needs an Opry when you can harmonize on a sidewalk, in a wine bar or even at the go-to breakfast spot-funky, Mexican-leaning Muddy Boots Cafe (136 N. Van Buren St., muddybootscafe.com, sandwiches from $6)?

Took another ride through the country side yesterday afternoon –It is so pretty around here no matter which direction we go. Tonight we’re supposed to get a big wind and rain storm so I doubt that many of the leaves will survive. And Friday it is only going to get to a high of 49!!!!! But by Monday way up to 80 again. Indiana weird weather. We have to go into Columbus before weather turns to pick up the map of South America for the RV and then to the storage lot to look for some stuff we left in the Alfa. I knew we would have to make at least one trip there. At least.
Worked on the laptop yesterday taking stuff off putting it on external hard drive and adding things for this year. Then a good defrag. Except for last minute updates it is ready to go. Also got all the camera stuff out and charged up. We are getting closer and closer to leaving.

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