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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just musing about things

8:15 a.m. and just now beginning to get light out. We have less than 11 hours of daylight here now. And the temperatures continue to drop. High of 51 today and tomorrow. Had lots of rain overnight and more expected tonight and tomorrow. Getting soggy out.

Excellent! We are now moving into the 21st century. We can get pizza delivery here now. Amazing. How did we live without it? Haven’t tried it yet but will once before we leave. We have to pay extra for the delivery – is it like that everywhere now?
While at the docs office the other day I discovered something else about myself. I thought I was getting fat but I’m not – I’m getting compressed. What I am losing in height is just pooching out around my waist. Of course I really haven’t lost that much in height to account for all the pooching. Hummmm maybe I really should rethink those potato chips before bed.
Well this is weird all of a sudden the computer started to leave a blank line between paragraphs. And I can’t fix it. Have tried paragraph formatting, setting to 0 space before and after. No suggestions from “help” weird.
Years ago we used to use canned Canadian Bacon in the RV when we traveled cause it doesn’t have to be refrigerated and takes up less room and it was good. Can’t find it around here anywhere so looked on line…..Don’t think so it is $24 for a 9oz can (and that includes can weight.)
Here’s a video of us driving through town. All the tourists and yes that is all but one block of town. It is really small.

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