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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Had to take a nap this afternoon - busy morning.

Picked up Jennie – had to have two of her batteries replaced. Better now than when on the road. Also had the DataStorm Satellite dish taken off the roof. Now that we’re not using HughesNet we don’t need it. (Have Verizon MiFi instead and also our TelCel stick for when we’re in Mexico. If they had been available a few years sooner we sure would have saved a bunch of money.) On Jennie we have a Winngard dome for the TV.

On the way home we had to stop at the Motor Vehicles place and register her. Forgot to renew it while she was parked for over a year. So that will kind of determine our leaving by date. We need to wait for the license plate to arrive. In our driveway out front we have both RVs. Don’t realize how much bigger the Alfa is until you see them near each other. No wonder Bill prefers driving the smaller one in Mexico. Alfie in front, Jennie behind him.
He spent this afternoon untangling all the wires from the Satellite system. Taking the HughesNet stuff out and then reconnecting what we’ll still be using. Any one want to buy a DataStorm satellite dish, HughesNet modem and controller and router?
Also did some quick cleaning so tomorrow we can start transferring stuff.
I spent time making cards with our info and Jennies picture on them and making copies of all the stuff we need to show and give at the border. And installing the travel printer on my laptop. Every day a few things will get done. Also checking out a couple of different routes on the maps. A lot will depend on when we finally get out of here and the weather.
Woops didn't get that posted - another day has arrived! The new TV installation in the Alfa got finished last nite so as soon as everything is transferred out the Alfa will head back into storage for the winter. (Pics of old tv posted a few days ago)

Its afternoon now so will finish this and post it.
We have all the stuff out of the Alfa and into Jennie – I think, I hope. I’m sure by the second night we’ll discover something we forgot. Hopefully it will just involve a trip to Wal*Mart. So tomorrow or the next day we will take Alfie back to winter storage. Now all that is left is clothing, meds and food and that will all be done just before we leave.
If you read Ms. Tioga and George you got a look at the RV park in Aticama where we probably will spend January If you don’t read him here is the link with the picture of El Chaco. Last year we parked right where he is parked. Rough life.
Looking at the two of them together I wonder about choosing to use the smaller one this year. If we planned on just plunking down in a big park with good electricity for the winter we would for sure take the big one. But as I mentioned the smaller one is a lot easier to drive especially to the smaller towns with old RV parks and iffy electricity. Should be fun though.

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