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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We're Off

“On the Road Again!”

Before I forget – while I was taking food out of the freezer I came across a package of two rolls that we bought last year in Malpica – the wonderful bakery near Mazatlan. They’d been stuffed behind a bunch of packages. So I defrosted them and believe it or not they were almost as good as they were when we bought them. Ate them both!
Yep we really finally left. Ended up doing about 190 miles to a little town in Illinois.
We were up before dawn, not hard to do as it doesn’t get light until after 8:00 a.m in Central Indiana. Watched some “news?” ick! Then went out to breakfast. If you are ever in Bean Blossom, IN stop in at Brownie’s Café.
It’s just up the road a piece from the Bill Monroe Bluegrass RV Park. The food is excellent, plenty and inexpensive. And the people are wonderful. We used to eat there all the time then got out of the habit. Need to renew that habit when we get home.
Got home with tummies full and finished loading Jennie. Didn’t take long. Final walk around and check of hitch.
Last look out over the valley in back. Not much color or leaves left now.
Hit the road about 9:45. Wanted to let the traffic let up in Bloomington around the construction. Worked well. Hardly any delay. Everything was fine until we hit a detour on SR46 – a bridge was out. So off we go into the countryside. Narrow winding roads. Pretty scenery and cute little towns. Not that we really wanted to see them.  
Added about 30 miles and a lot of time to the trip. Both of us were glad we were in Jennie instead of the Alfa.
Pretty uneventful once we were on Interstate 70. Crossed into Illinois and stopped in Effingham at a TA for gas (cheaper than in IN) and lunch. Always good food in their Country Pride restaurants.
Did you ever wonder how vinegar got shipped? Well now you know.
Hot weather – over 80, a little wind and mostly good road. We are in Mulberry Grove, ILL at a campground we’ve stayed in before. Has everything we need. One thing we didn’t need though – just as we got here they were burning leaves. Smells good but doesn’t help the breathing. Stopped by the time we were finishing setting up. Glad to say both the Direct TV and the MiFi are working fine. That always worries me until they connect.
I forgot to mention. When Jennie is parked in the driveway she is under a lot of trees. Trees that in the fall shed lots and lots of nuts. So for the first few miles it sounded like we were in a pinball machine with them rolling around and off the roof.
Today was the nicest weather we've ever had for the begining of our yearly trip. Hope it stays that way the whole trip. Need to watch the weather channel.
If I think of anything else I might add it later.


  1. I've never seen a vinegar truck before...interesting.

  2. Vinegar trucks, who would have known?? Enjoying your trip right along with you. Hope it continues to go smoothly. Take care.

  3. I'd have never thought of vinegar in big trucks, ha ha. Have a safe trip.

  4. Safe travels to you and the driver. I am following like always..God Bless

    Zeee and critters 3