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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Waltz Across Texas

We’re now in Tucumcari, NM at the Kiva RV park. Stayed here a while last year too. Passport America park.
From Oklahoma, through Texas and into New Mexico – 320 miles. Today we kind of planned it. And now into even another time zone. Everything working good. Direct TV, Verizon phone and MiFi. Goody goody.
Started out below 32 this morning but now we have the door open. Feels good. Still will be cold tonight but not quite so much. But now we’re over 4000 feet.
One of the painted buffalos at the Oklahoma campground.
Clicking on the pictures enlarges them some.
Stopped early at a Flying J for gas and breakfast at the Denny’s there. Denny’s has new coffee mugs and we were talking about how nice they felt to hold and drink from. So we ended up getting a couple for us. Weird huh? Credit card caught up with us today – fraud alert – I forgot to call them to let them know we were traveling. It’s aggravating but glad they do it. Long conversation, proving who I was and all is settled - for now anyway.
Hum……how do you make a drive across Texas sound interesting???? Here is a good description of Texas – SPACE AVAILABLE – no kidding. Lots and lots of miles of lots and lots of nothing.
Says "This space available" and points in all directions.
Did see the leaning water tower and big, big cross in Groom. [see last year’s blog for water tower.] I am adding a picture of the cross but only because I didn’t put in a picture of the even bigger cross in Effingham, Ill.
Came across the “Jesus Christ is Lord” Travel Center. Guess HE is branching out. Kind of made you want to stop there. Big place.
If you’ve traveled on I-40 through TX towards Amarillo you’ve seen the sign for the FREE 72 oz steak. If you haven’t looked into it the steak is free IF you can finish it in one hour plus you have to eat all the side dishes that come with it i.e. bread, salad, potato and veggies. Good luck with that. Maybe the nephew with the Chinese food should go there.
Other views of Texas – cattle and wind turbines. Looking north and looking south. Also saw fields of cotton and sorghum. Be still my beating heart!

Lovely Smell - Money on the move
Finally got out of Texas and into New Mexico – not much difference in scenery.
Tucumcari is a nice little town – used to be an important stop on Route 66 – every year more and more old businesses seem to close. Too bad. After settling in we went to market and K Mart looking for a couple of things. Didn’t find anything on our list….And went out to dinner to Del’s – very good restaurant – always good food. I had liver and onions – had been thinking about it all day and it didn’t disappoint me.
Going to watch a rerun of today’s truck race in an hour. KBM truck #51 won the race. Yah! Denny Hamlin driving.


  1. Too bad you chose the least scenic route across Texas. You missed a lot of great scenery in the rest of the state.

  2. Oh I remember that steak sign. I can't even imagine anyone eating it haha. Been that route and yes, lots of spaces. You two are surely making good time ...I can hear that music from Mexico playing now. God bless Zeee and critters 3