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Monday, October 29, 2012

Shorts Weather!!!!

Finally turned south – and now have the AC running and I am in shorts! What a difference a day makes. But will be down to 40 tonight even here.
Here is Alamogordo, NMx.
Bill fixed us a nice breakfast before we left Tucumcari around 9 this morning.
Last mural picture from Tucumcari – James Dean and his car.
Stopped for gas at Flying J – our discount card gives us .04 cents off a gallon – anything helps. And about an hour later I got a text message from our credit card wanting me to verify that we purchased gas at Flying J – didn’t I just talk to them yesterday and tell them we were traveling in the south west!?!?!?  All I had to do was text back a “1” for yes. Then another text from them saying – okay all is well.   Until next time anyway.
We turned south off of I-40 on to SR 54 at Santa Rosa, NM. The first third of the 230 miles of the two lane road was very good – except for no scenery. Two cars in view was a cause for excitement!
Just some lost dreams – I always wonder what happened.
Suddenly we came to a red light – in the middle of no where – road construction one lane ahead. Sat there for about five minutes before light changed. Didn’t see any traffic from other way. Then about 15 miles of construction. Remember I mentioned this was a very good road. Well they are adding two more lanes to it. Will be a four lane divided highway that no one uses…..could see miles ahead and behind us and if we ever saw three cars at the same time it was unusual.
Slowly climbed up to over 6800 feet then down the other side into warmer weather.
Went through one little town with a couple of motels and lots of 5th wheels. I bet this construction will let some of the townspeople who own motels, restaurants, RV places and bars will be able to retire after the road is built. Lot of older motels around.
After the construction the road got horrible – washboard enough to jar out our fillings and the wind picked up. Guess maybe we should have taken the main roads. Through Albuerque to Las Cruces. Probably would have been prettier too.
We are staying at Edgington RV – it’s a Passport America park at $15 per night. Good sized space, level. Our TV and MiFi are working really good. Will be here at least tomorrow and maybe the next day –
I have to tell on myself again – beginning to think I am very CLOCK challenged – I got a small travel clock. No problem setting it just followed directions “Hold left button down with index finger. With other index finger set hour and minute.” Worked great – however – I may have another index finger ‘cause something SET THE ALARM. Which of course went off at 2:37 a.m. WTH! Had to use my Nook light to find the button to shut the darn thing off.
We finally made it to a WalMart and got more of the stuff on our list. One thing was a thumb drive – 16 GB for $13 – amazing. And some TGIF potato skins Cheddar and Bacon. Love them. Shoot the TV just mentioned a “heart healthy diet.” Should I feel guilty? Nope!
When we left home Bill took the new good sewer hose out of the Alfa and put it in Jennie. Oh, Oh – doesn’t fit Jennie as Jennie is quite a bit older and a little different. So had to find a replacement at WalMart. You know you can’t find a cheap baseball type cap without a logo on it? Bill forgot to bring one of his many that he has at home and all we can find are teams, places etc at $15 a piece.
Then we stopped at Applebee’s for dinner. And stopped by the Visitor’s Center to pick up some info about the area. Will visit one of the Pistachio Farms and the Space Museum and maybe take a ride out to the White Sands park. Should have lots of pictures tomorrow.
Watching the storm – no words. Looks like the outer edge is over Indiana too. Everyone stay safe.
Beautiful full moon tonight.

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