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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Colorsd

One bright and beautiful and warm day sandwiched in between cold and gloomy days. Absolutely perfect out today. A day where there could be no bad news. And there wasn’t.

Thought I’d post some pictures I took the other day of some of the fall colors. Today they are even more beautiful but haven’t down loaded the ones I just took yet.

A couple may be interested in buying our Class C, Jennie, we just aren’t sure we want to sell her. Actually we’re thinking of taking her to Mexico this winter again. I know, I know I said we were going to take the big one….but….. Remember our mantra is Recalculate.
Regardless we won’t be leaving here until around the 1st of November. Have to wait to get some paper work done that is coming in the mail later in the month. Our medical insurance has decided in their infinite wisdom that we have to prove to them that we are married…..Oh Oh – where do you suppose our marriage license from mega years ago is????? No idea – so had to order a copy from the place we got married. In looking for it though I did find some pictures that I thought were long lost. Silver lining to everything. 
Some neat mushrooms growing out front - really fall colors - they have grown twice this size since I took this picture.

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