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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One week on the road 1500 Miles

If you ever RV through Alamogordo, NM I heartily recommend Edgington RV. Nice people, good sized spaces, pull throughs. It is a Passport America park $15 per night.  Short day today only 130 miles to Deming, NM. Got out of Alamogordo around 10:00 – stopped for gas then hit the highway.
Bill managed to pull his back this morning while hooking the Jeep. So right now he is taking it easy. Funny how our backs don’t like to twist, bend and turn all at the same time. No matter our age. If it’s not better we’ll stay here another day.
I belong to an Internet forum of  women who RV and one of the ladies from that group is here in the park. She and her husband are full timers.
Good road and good weather all the way here. Stopping at Little Vineyard RV Park in Deming. Nice place. Easy in and out. Good sized pull throughs – 150 spaces. Park has cable TV and WiFi. Our TV and MiFi work good here.
Hard to get my mind around the destruction from that storm. Poor people and this will go on for a long time. In the long run it should create a lot of jobs.
We’ve been on the road one week today and have gone 1500 miles. Just the beginning of this year’s trip.
I’ve been reading a new series of books. Author is Jenna Bennett she writes about a young southern born and bred (important to character) woman who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some mystery some romance. Involved with a couple of very different guys. Light reading and fun. Reminds me a little of Janet Evanovich.
I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!  Just got ANOTHER text message AND a phone call from our credit card. The one I’ve talked to every day for the last four days. They want to know if we know where our card is and if we used it at “unknown vendor” on 10/27/12…Get your act together people. I even checked on line and our account is flagged as traveling in southwest.

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