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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Desert Morning Cold

Up and about early again this morning. Not even 9:00 yet and we are ready to head out. But have to wait a little for it to warm up again. Got down to 40 last nite, supposed to be almost 80 later so both of us have on shorts.
Watching the storm on TV - see that it reaches way into Indiana - checked the weather at home and high will be 44 - brrrrr - for the next few days. Hope everyone we know on the east coast is safe and warm and with power.
Should be busy most of the day seeing the sights around here. Will post again later with pics.
Had some questions on using oven for storage. Here's a pic. The racks have indoor/outdoor carpet with foam backing on them. It is not fastened down and can be taken out easily. Stops all noise from the stuff in there. Also use rubber lined containers (WalMart) to hold utensils etc.

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