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Friday, October 26, 2012

Settling In

Got tired of all the political stuff on the TV so turned on one of the music channels. Found an old traditional country music one. Songs from the 40 to early 60s. Love that Hank Williams Senior sound. And the words are so great. You can even understand them.
It’s only 36 degrees here in Lebanon, Mo this morning. Feels like 0 to us. Once the storm hit here yesterday afternoon it got cold quick. The little space heater we usually use just isn’t doing the job this morning. Will have to turn on the coach furnace once Bill gets up.
Night time was fine as we have an electric blanket that could cook you.
In fact it was so cool in here last night – drum roll – I actually fixed a dinner. Guess to be true full it was a joint effort. We had breaded chicken fillets that Bill had made a whole batch of and froze a while ago. So had to heat it, Spanish rice – right out of a box, add tomatoes and water and cook and corn. Smelled good, looked good and tasted really good. And warmed the place up. Might have to do that more often. Did cheat and use paper plates though.

Two days on the road and we already have a list going for WalMart. I’d like a thermometer for inside and out – masochist aren’t I? Also a little battery clock to replace the electric one I can’t figure out how to set. Can’t find the charger that fits into the lighter for the phone…..Bill forgot his keyboard, he hates the laptop keys. And I’d like another back up thumb drive, have managed to kill one of mine. Also white bread, chips and dish soap.
Oop – the coach heater just came on – The Driver must be up.
Warms up quickly with the heater running. Already had to take my long sleeve shirt off.
My box full of beading projects is staring me in the face – it’s in the cupboard where the Direct TV box is so I can see it. Maybe I’ll drag out a project when we stop this afternoon. I don’t want to read all my books too soon.
Will do an update to this after we stop for the day - who knows if Bill gets his way we'll be in Mexico. He is on a quest for WARM

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  1. He will have to make it further south than Arkansas to find warmth. Yesterday we were in the 80's today it never got above 48. Lots of wind too makes if feel even colder. Stay warm