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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Going to be busy Sunday

Well things are coming together and getting done. Bill found his glasses right where they should be – guess he didn’t think about looking there first. And I hadn’t found them ‘cause I was looking for the wrong pair. Do we need keepers yet?

I’ve put together a whole small shoe box full of beading projects to take with us for when we’re just sitting around. Wonder if I’ll even open the box? Time will tell.
All the paper work we were waiting for has come, been filled out and sent back to various places. So that is done. And yesterday the license plate for Jennie arrived. So no more excuses – we are just about ready. Last of the errands loading and watching for good weather now.
Going to town for breakfast this a.m. and making a short stop at Sam’s Club, Wal*Mart and maybe BestBuy for a cord if I can’t find the one we need stuck here in the house some where.
Going to watch the NASCAR race from Kansas this afternoon it should be a good one. Yesterday afternoon watched the Nationwide race – a really exciting one for once. Lots of cautions without much wrecking. Just didn’t like the ending. My driver ran out of gass ¼ lap from end and he was leading. Also watched an exciting soccer game – ended 4 to 5 – favorite team won but really had to work for it. Of course the referee was biased against them –not my thought - commentator’s thoughts.
Tomorrow will be business as usual, bookkeeping, laundry and cleaning. Tuesday is Bill’s birthday so want to go out to dinner or late lunch or something. Then just final packing and watching the weather for a good departure date.
Our friend will be moving in the day we leave – this year he’ll be able to drive the 4-wheel truck if the weather gets bad. Make it easier for him.
Going to be warmer for the next couple of days – with maybe a little rain (hope not.)

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