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Friday, May 10, 2013

Another new toy

Lots of rain today. Went into town again this morning and came home with a tablet type thing. Microsofts "Surface"   Not really sure about it. No instructions at all unless you go online. And some how I managed to take a terrible picture of myself - and it ended up on the desktop - scared myself to death when I turned it back on! EGAD! Need to figure out how to delete it.
Also got a new monitor for my PC as it was going off more than it stayed on. Maybe I should just stay away from all electronic things.
Watching the NASCAR Nationwide qualifying sitting on the living room floor and playing with this thing. Have a feeling we'll be going over our allotted GBs with Verizon this month. I really used them up when I downloaded the pictures from the camera to my PC using the WiFi. Oops Won't be doing that again. It also burns the time on the camera's battery too.
This has Windows 8 on it - not sure about that either. Guess I'm not keeping up with the times. I use the computers more for doing things with programs and not so much on the Internet. 8 seems to be very much Internet involved.
Love living here in the country - went into the post office to get stamps and the lady in front of me was having to show documentation to renew her post office box. All the people who live within the small town's limits don't get delivered mail - they have to have PO boxes. Any way she asked the clerk why she had to show so much ID and if she would have to do that every year, The clerks answer was, "No. This was supposed to be done 10 years ago but we're just getting around to it." Both me and the guy behind me burst into laughter. So typical of this area.

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