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Sunday, May 19, 2013

I hate renovation work!

Well the All Star race yesterday was a real bummer and I stayed up until midnight to see the end. Jimmy Johnson won again! For the first four heat races he wasn’t anywhere to be seen but the money section there he was. Kurt and Kyle lead two heats each and neither could win the big deal. But both of them had great cars. Hard to really like or dislike Johnson he is just there. All the time he is THERE.
This morning we took a ride out into the country to check out a small pickup truck – older but nice and clean. One that we could actually use once in a while. Like when we go to Menards and buy plants and stuff for the on going repairs around here. Not like that big hulking Ram that I hate and can’t drive. Bill wants to keep the Jeep, Willie, just for when we travel as he is getting a lot of miles on him.
Back to out in the country – most of the farmer’s field we passed are not planted yet but look to be drying out a little bit. Now if we could just go a few days without rain……But boy does every body’s yard look nice. So lush and green. And lots of mowing going on. Smells so good. We took the convertible out for the ride. I’d forgotten what a nice car it is. Fun to ride in and comfortable. Put the top down for the drive home even. Just realized it is 15 years old, can’t believe it was that long ago that I bought it. And it still looks new.
What a mess this house is in – how can so much of it get messed up just fixing one room…all the stuff from the tore up bathroom is in the spare bedroom. All the new stuff is in the living room and front hallway. My bathroom has the stuff to repair the ceiling – tiles, glue, levels etc. in it. Boxes all over the place…..eeeeekkkkkk! Stuff – dirt, pieces of plaster etc. tracked through the hallways and up the stairs. I refuse to clean until the major demolition and dirty repair work is done. Going to take some major cleaning when everything is done. But it will be beautiful I keep telling myself. 


  1. Makes me smile to read about all the homey things that you two are doing in Indiana. While, at the same time, I am doing my Home Camp things here in Mexico.

    You two sure have a lot of vehicles. Now I convertible car. Wow!


  2. Little by little we are getting rid of vehicles. Jennie is gone now to a new home. Hopefull the big truck will be gone soon. The convertible is mine I bought it 15 years ago in LA when I was working. We just don't use it much here.
    Will be glad when the renovation is done - what a mess.

  3. Hi Carol,

    Here's a suggestion from the book I am reading: "The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself."

    Try not to have expectations about how the condition of your house during renovation. Just let it be what it is. Don't rush it.