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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Country evening living.

Insurance adjuster was here this a.m. and agrees it is going to be a big job between the upstairs floor/walls and downstairs ceiling. Oh my! Not looking forward to it. We have two contractors working up estimates for us. Maybe I can go somewhere while the work is being done.
Have to tell you about last night. The perfect soft spring evening. Bill and I were sitting out on the front porch watching the sky go from blue to gold and pink as the sun set behind the trees. We were in our white whicker rockers. He was watching the grass grow and I was knitting. The birds were singing in the trees and the peepers (tree frogs) were making their mating noises. In the background coming from in the house was old time country music. How much better could it get. A little later I walked out on the back porch and leaning over the rail watched a deer and a big raccoon feeding in the back yard. All while the hummingbirds flitted around the feeder. The nice part of living in the country.
Guess What? I was telling Bill about the camera I was looking at on line and he BOUGHT it for me for Mother’s Day. Lucky me. Can’t wait to get it and play with it.
Went into town this morning after the adjuster left and had breakfast and did lots of errands. Went to Menards and got some more plants!!!! Went in to buy one and came out with a cart full. Then had to go to the feed store to get corn and a salt lick for the deer. And of course WalMart - our calculator had stopped working so needed a new one. Also some groceries. 
Glad to be home now. My darn foot is hurting more than usual. Might have to do something about it. Boy this aging is a pain.

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