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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Keeping really busy with computer and painting

Well I worked on the database – so I have several less handfuls of hair. The tables and queries are okay (except when I forget to add one vital calculation) but the forms drive me nuts. If I forget to put that vital calculation in query and don’t notice it until I’m building the form I can just add it to the query but then I have to rebuild the entire form again – and again – and again if – more like as - I discover more forgetful errors. The forms are the ones I put the pictures in the last blog. I'm adding some more forms to it this time for even more information. So can't wait to use it to see if it really works good. 
Guess I drove Bill out – he just left for the mechanics, with his new/old truck. Guess he is going to trick it out too. While I was painting I turned up the old traditional country music station on high enough to rock the upstairs. Sure are a lot of sad songs. And some great oldies.  Love Hank Williams Sr. and even Buck Owens. On Direct TV we can sometimes catch Hee Haw on the RFD channel. What simpler times then.
And yes I’ve even started to paint the bathroom. Mainly the area behind where the toilet will go and around the big vanity where the mirror will go. 

Can’t do too much ‘cause the walls still need a lot of repair. All the stuff is out of the living room and hall though. Thank goodness. And after painting part of the walls I have decided that all the white trim needs to be painted too. It is in horrible shape – funny how you don’t notice things getting cruddy.
My bathroom ceiling is still waiting for help. Going to put up panels that look like pressed tin. Love that look. 
Cannot believe the tornados all over – there were even a couple of small ones here in Indiana but so far the bad weather has all been north of Indianapolis (we live south of Indy about 45 miles.) We are getting warm humid weather – supposed to hit the high 80s for the next couple of days. But low chances of rain. So maybe I’ll start on my next project – repainting the bridge – as soon as I can get Bill to replace some of the floor boards.
And I want to do a couple of painted quilt squares for the car port. Think they would look good up there. One for each side. 
Just a picture of one of the tea roses that have started to bloom. Soon the whole bush will be covered. 
Well time to get back to the database - will try to redo the form I had to undo yesterday. I wish I could figure out how to set it up as a form other people could use - but I run it right off my computer in Access. 

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