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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tub is gone

The contractor showed up early this morning with the plumber in tow – the big plumber. But the plumber took one look at the cast iron tub sitting on its side in the bathroom and said basically – no way we can carry that thing out of here. But it is now out and gone. So how did they do it. With a bigger hammer! Actually the plumber said that the best way would be to break it up. We all looked at him with skepticism on our faces. It’s cast iron! Well replied the plumber. These old cast iron tubs get brittle with age and break up easily with a big sledge hammer. And it did. A few, well maybe more than a few, mighty swings and there were pieces of tub all over the place. Easy clean up from there. Yipee! Another thing done. 

Contractor will be back on Monday to start on floor.
Oh yes, all the stuff for the remodel was delivered yesterday – so now another room in the house is messed up. Everything is piled up in the living room.  Sigh! Well no cleaning until everything is done.
Yesterday while watching NASCAR non-stop I did do something constructive. I actually finished a knitting project. It is a scarf. It’s not very big because I was just using up some small amounts of yellow and pink yarn. But it is done.
Watched the qualifying for the trucks, shootout and All Star race and then the truck race. And Kyle will start 4th in the All Star tonight and he won the truck race last night.
Saw her this morning but she heard me coming and left. 

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