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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life in Brown County

Lots of very heavy rain before dawn this morning. Now it is sunny and warm out. With more rain due later today.
I’m going to quote parts of an article that was in our paper today. It is by Cinda Crull who lives here and writes off and on for the paper - The Brown County Democrat. But talk about a great description of Life in Brown County.
“We live in the woods. We do not live in a forest. The latter is in some other part of the country.
We tell tall tales. It must be the water.
About that water, since we’re not on the town system, that’s both good and bad news. No, wait, it’s mostly the former, as all we need to do is filter, not boil. Check out the signs at the McDonald’s (in town) and you’ll see how often the latter occurs.
Expect your electricity to be off at least a couple of times per year. It’s the price you pay for living where tree branches fall on power lines during storms. Buy lots of batteries and candles and enjoy the ambience. The lights will be back on soon.
Stay away from town in October unless you’re tired of the quiet sanity of the woods. You only need go to the colony once to see why. Visitors seem to be unable to distinguish crosswalks from streets, and sauntering is the only speed they know.
We wave here. Finger waves, vertical arm thrust waves, or get creative and make your own. We wave at everyone, and if you try it, you’ll get a response.
If you’re not already creative and eccentric, after a few years you will be.
You can’t tell rich people from poor.
We all look alike and this is the most egalitarian spot you will ever experience. We are unpretentious and we only tolerate – with our small town manners – those who are. We have nationally renowned residents but you have to be an insider to know who they are.
If you don’t want your business known, don’t tell a soul. I can’t stress this enough. Welcome to Brown County where if you allow it, you’ll fall in love with the land and the special people who live here.”
A pretty good description of where we live and why we live here. 

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