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Monday, May 27, 2013

Paint? Computer? or Read Which should I do?

Guess this is getting to be an every other day thing – but really not too much interesting going on.
Watched the NASCAR races on Saturday – Kyle won the Nationwide race – so far he’s won 6 out of 9 races this year. Then yesterday watched the Cup race – Interesting to say the least. Kyle’s #18 got all tore up when a cable from an over track camera broke and came down on the track just as he was going by. They got it fixed during a 15 minute repair red flag – amazing and he was leading again when his engine blew. Ended up not finishing. Guess it just wasn’t his day.
What first – oh yes Bill’s new truck. Here he is polishing it – again. It’s a 2001 with a rebuilt engine. 
And after he bought it I actually got to drive my car home. Longest I’ve driven in over a year – about 25 miles!
The bathroom doesn’t seem to be getting much done. Of course nothing over this weekend. We talked about me painting a couple of walls before the stuff is reinstalled. We’ll see how ambitious I am later today. I should do it before the weather gets hot again. Tomorrow it is supposed to be back up in the mid to high 80s. And rain chances today and tomorrow.
Wish I hadn’t of lost the pictures the other day. I had taken one of the front when it was half covered with the new mulch – But any way here are a couple with all the mulch down – really looks nice now.

Also retook a couple of the flower pictures. The water iris.
And something growing wild??
A couple of the tea rose bushes are full of buds – can’t wait until they bloom.
I mentioned I’d been working on my Access travel database – use it to keep track of all our expenses when we travel. Got a question about it so here are a couple of the pages from it. Keeping track of campgrounds and daily mileage – all the calculations including changing from $ to pesos are done automatically. I just have to fill in the blanks with basic info. If you double click on them they get larger and easier to read. 
One for daily expenses – again calculations are automatic. This one is getting a lot of changes. Taking a few things out and adding others.
And diesel for the RV. Calculates liters to gallons, mpg, changes pesos to $ etc.
Also have pages for auto expenses, maintenance for both auto and RV, a daily journal and an address book. I just hope I can remember how to set up all the calculations so it works again.

Hum? Should I paint or work on database or read?????

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  1. I think you should post the template so that we could all copy it since you have done all the hard work for us!!!
    Looks good