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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Quiet Country Life

Today was a busy but uneventful day - except for the thunder and lightening this afternoon.
We spent most of the day in Columbus running around doing errands. 
Took my laptop into the Geek Squad to see if the broken keys could be fixed. One could one couldn't. Seems like some how - hummmm - a teeny tiny bead got under the tab key and was keeping it from working. Wonder how that could have happened? So that was an easy fix. The left mouse key was another story - final decision - keep using an external mouse - not worth it to send the laptop out to fix the key.
Then to drop off bags of really nice clothing that neither Bill nor I have worn in about 7 years. Finally convinced ourselves we were never going to wear dress suits and dresses again. All very good work outfits. Besides mine would never fit again either.....
And to the home improvement store to start ordering the stuff needed to fix the two bathrooms. 
Then to free library to drop off a bunch of books. So like I said uneventful but kind of productive. 
I've been fighting an earache and sore throat for a few days so when we got home I settled down to read for a while. When the thunder woke me up the better part of the afternoon was gone. I'm reading a Michael Connelly book The Black Box - I really like his series. Also got a new John Sanford "Prey" book while out. I've kind of stalled out on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for a while.  
I did take a couple of pictures with the new camera. Of our lunch food. Believe it or not there is a "food" setting on it! Haven't looked at them though. 
Now my PC is giving me problems. The monitor just keeps going black - like it turns off. When I run my hand over it's on button it comes back on for a while. This is not my year for electronics. 
Quiet country life. 

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