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Monday, May 20, 2013

Pray for Oklahoma

Going to be a very warm and humid day today. Have all the fans running already.
Sure feel sorry for all the people in Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa and Illinois where the tornados touched down. That bad weather is supposed to move into our area by tonight and tomorrow. But we’ll probably just get rain and maybe some wind. Any really bad weather seems to go around our hills to the north and south of us.
Doing laundry and paying bills today. Had a dream last night about cleaning house. Woke me up! Guess more like a nightmare!
The contractor is here spreading more mulch on the roadside bank. It is looking really nice. Don’t know what he’ll be doing in the bathroom today – hopefully a lot of patching so the flooring can go in and prepare the walls for paint.
Bought a new photo editing program to go with my new camera. Well not actually new but an updated version of the one I’ve been using. Lots of new fun things in it – once I figure out how to use them. Mainly I use it to resize my pics for the web. Speaking of which – walked out on the north side this a.m. and the water iris are starting to bloom in the pond.
And this clematis plant is outdoing itself this year. 
8:00 pm
It has finally started to cool down so only have to have the fans running.
Went to look at a truck up near Indy this afternoon. Whole bottom was rusted out! Not something we are used to seeing. Turned around and came home. Nice drive though - through lots of farming land. 
Cannot believe what is going on in Oklahoma. How horrible for them. And I complained about the heat. Shame on me. 

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