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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Working on the Surface

Going to try to do this on the new toy. Not too used to the keyboard so there might be some really strange words that I don’t catch.
But first I have to tell about something that happened yesterday. We went to the outlet mall near us to go to the “As seen on TV store.” We picked up a couple of things – Bill wanted one of those hoses that expands with water and shrinks back up to nothing after using it. And I wanted one of the contraptions that you can put saran/plastic wrap in and use it without it getting all messed up. Also a pan. As I was heading towards the counter I heard the clerk talking on the phone. I guess he didn’t realize I could hear him. He said to whoever he was talking to, “I’ve got to hang up. Someone is heading this way with a bunch of crap.” Hummm is that what he thinks of what he is selling? Thought it was kind of funny.
Rained off and on most of yesterday and more coming later today along with very cold weather. Supposed to get down into the high 30s at night. Then by Wednesday up to the mid 80s.
Little by little I’m beginning to figure out how to do some things on this. And it continues to surprise me with what it adds to the screen. Some where it found a bunch of pictures I’ve taken. I guess from the web and the blog. No rhyme or reason to them that I can find. I’ve managed to get Microsoft Office 2013 working – on a trial basis. Did you know you can’t buy the disks any more – you can only lease it by the year? The first year costs $99. After that I’m not sure. Will have to check it out. Right now I hope to be able to load my 2003 copy of Office into this so I can continue to use what I’m used to. Also Access doesn’t come as part of the regular program, it is extra and I use it all the time. Especially when we are traveling. I’m so confused…..I saved this and don’t know where it went. This is going to be a long and painful learning curve.
Watched the Nationwide Race last night. Good race. Kyle had the pole, led the most laps and won the race. There have been nine Nationwide races this season – he has entered seven of them and won five. His engine blew up in one and I think he crashed in one. Tonight he starts 3rd and his brother is on the pole. GO Busch Brothers.
Well I got it here and pasted. Wonder if I'll ever find the original word document again?  
Going to try to post this now. Hope I don’t loose it into the Cloud.

PS -
Don’t know what I’ve done but I think I’ve synced my PC with the tablet. That will kind of interesting when I really understand what I’m truly doing. Will have to read much more about how this works.

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