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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Finally - Database is done

Finally I finished the data base program and it all works! And I even have some hair left. Now I can’t wait to go on a trip and use it. This is just the front page it opens the other forms and what it covers. 
I just have to click on a button and the form opens and I just input the info. Then it does any calculations for me.
Well it’s almost noon and Bill is somewhere in Columbus getting the windows on the pickup tinted and gosh knows what else. I’m afraid to ask. Hope he gets home soon ‘cause the contractor was thinking about working on my bathroom ceiling but he needs extra hands to hold the pieces up. The upstairs is coming along. The doorway is finished and the medicine cabinet is up. Some more work on the walls and I’ll be able to finish painting them. I did get to vacuum the floors up here though. Was tired of listening to them crunch when walking on them.

Tomorrow – I hope – we are going to pick up the Alfa. I want to get all the stuff out of the garage put away before any creepy crawly things find them. Also want to see what we have much too much of and get rid of some of it. Good Will here we come. Going down now and work some more in my closet. 


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  2. Carol,

    Have you heard from George since his abrupt "retirement"?