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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not posting for a while

Between using the wifi with the camera and the new Surface we've about used up our monthly - until the 28th - supply of GBS and I understand it is very very expensive to go over so until I figure out if I can purchase more at a reasonible price we will not be going on line very much. Going to call Verizon to see what I can do.
And the construction starts on the bathroom today - so lots to do.
Have talked to Verizon and it isn't too bad. I will have to pay only $10 per GB extra that we use. And we will not be using that many! Going to return the Surface - not really something we need at this time. Especially with limited Internet time. And won't be using MiFi to put pictures from camera to computer. Phew! Feel much better.
Georgous weather today - well this morning at least - might get rain this evening - but that's okay. going to be in mid 80s with a nice breeze. Have all the windows and doors open - smells so good as neighbor is cutting his grass.


  1. Carol & Bill,
    $10 for a GB! Wow! That is soooooo cheap. Telcel charges 500 pesos for 3GB, and who calculates how much Telcel actually delivers?

    I say, go for the $10 price. Your readers want to know what is going on with you at your home in Indiana!

    Tu amigo,

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