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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More about Camera

Today is supposed to be a day without rain! And warmer temperatures.
We are still looking for someone reliable to come in and repair the water damage up and down stairs. The joys of living in a small town. It’s afternoon now and we think we’ve finally found someone – they will be here over the weekend to survey the damage.
Well Jennie the Jamboree has gone to her new home. Kind of sad in a way. We had a lot of good times in her but now she starts a new life. And will probably be used more than we used her. Hope so. So soon we will go get the Alfa out of storage and start putting stuff back into it and doing any little things that always need to be done when taking it out of storage.
We had a bite on the truck last night too; they are supposed to come see it later today. Would be nice if they buy it. Then maybe we’ll get rid of the Mustang convertible too. We never drive it.
Oh goody – look what we just found right out the front door. Don’t think I’ll leave the front door open any more. When we poked him he went back under the deck. King snake I think. Red touches black so he isn’t poisonous.
Of course I had to play with my camera again today – it is so fun I discovered it will take black and white with only one color showing up. Does red, blue, yellow and green. Here is red.
And here is blue. 
Won’t bore you with the rest. How fun.
Then we went over to the covered bridge to take some pics. By then though the bright sunlight was behind clouds. Oh well. Here is illustration,
And painting. Can't wait to print that on canvas. 
The water under the bridge with a reflection.
And when we were leaving a field next to it from the moving car. 
I promise I’ll quit in a day or two. I did have a small glitch with the camera. Once I downloaded them into my computer I couldn’t make any changes to them – like turning them from their side to upright, cropping etc. Told me they were read only files!!! What???  Yesterday it was okay. But I guess some where in fooling it I managed to change something so the computer wasn’t recognizing the camera as a mass storage device. Spent some time on line with tech support and it is now all fine again. Whew!!!
This is a little store down the hill from us. One-stop shopping. Beer, Wine, Food and Bait. The important things first.
About time to go watch TV – I want to see if the penalties for Gibbs racing were reduced. They sure should be. 


  1. So glad the snake wasn't there when we were. The deer were much cuter. We don't have snakes in Alaska and I can't seem to warm up to the idea that they exist at all. It was lovely here today. In the high 50s. I rode my bike about 15 miles smiling ear to ear the whole time. I think Spring has finally arrived.

  2. Made a correction - the sign on the store says Bait NOT Bail - though who know maybe they do that too.

  3. I love your new camera. I'm jealous. I just got a new one Christmas and I want one like yours. You think I can justify getting it too. LOL

  4. Yes! New camera takes really neat pics!

    Tu amigo,