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Friday, May 17, 2013

Construction on going, rain has gone by and races are on.

Cooler and cloudy with something like 70% chance of rain today. Most of yesterday was nice with the exception of one very heavy shower in the middle of the day. Weird.
And as usual the best laid plans of mice and men – We will not be going to pick up the Alfa today after all. All the stuff for the repair of the bathroom is going to be delivered today – sometime between 8 and noon – or maybe later. The work in there is coming along. Still have to get the tub out though. It will take a couple/group of big strong people to get it out and down the stairs. If Bill even looks like he is going to help I’ll kick him in the knee! That bathroom is weird – it is kind of like two rooms. The first part has sink/vanity and toilet. Then a doorway with a door to the area with a tub and another sink/vanity. So while everything has to be torn up anyway we are taking out the door and expanding the doorway so it will seem more like one bigger room.
Strange day today first sunshine, then a couple minutes of heavy rain with thunder and lightening and now sunshine again. Have to go back around and open all the doors and windows I just finished shutting.
What is with all the TV shows, movies and commercials that are about men shaving their chests etc. When did that start? Is it a new fad?
Went out a while ago –before rain – to see if the water iris were blooming yet and when I got up to the pond a big snake slithered off the rocks into the water. Kind of startled me. He just looked fat, long and brown what little I saw of his back end. Going to be on the look out for him next time I go out there. Hate to step on him.
NASCAR heaven today – all kinds of practice, qualifying and a race. Except my favorite driver had to put a new engine in his truck so didn’t get any practice in it before qualifying starts. But he is doing good in the All Star practice.


  1. Strange weather here too. There is a winter storm warning going on. We're supposed to get 3-8 inches of snow. Which will be a record breaker for latest snow if it extends beyond the 18th. And we have two volcanoes going off at the orange alert level. I think this is God's way of telling us that we should have stayed in the Lower 48 a little longer.

  2. We have a spare room - and the bathroom is getting fixed. Shorts and t-shirt day here but misty and foggy

  3. Or you could come here and we could go snow-shoeing, sledding or heli-skiing. LOL! Your choice!