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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weather, Web and Wepairs

A shorts and t-shirt kind of day today. And tomorrow and by Sunday the high is supposed to be only 55 again. AARRGG!
I heard back from the web hosting people and got my password reset.But when I got the e-mail from them to reset I discovered it was not my password I couldn’t remember but my username! – I had left one letter off the username….so no wonder the password didn’t work. Talk about feeling dumb. All is well now though. Both username and password are correct. And web pages are updated. But yesterday I did answer the final Jeopardy question for the big money. 
Watched a couple of soccer games the last two day. Both Spanish league teams lost so they will not be in the European Championship. Two German teams will be instead. And both Spanish teams got whipped in both games.     
And I found my stained glass pieces – right where they should have been. For some reason I put them way in the bottom of the storage trunk instead of on the top where they should have been. So they are hanging in the windows now.
We went into town this morning and stopped for breakfast. It is like going to a reunion when we go in there. So many people that we know. Lots of visiting and talking more like a Social Club then a restaurant.
The insurance adjuster for the leak is supposed to be here tomorrow morning early. So will find out what he feels needs to be repaired. The downstairs bathrooms ceiling for sure – it has big bubbles in it and a huge stain. Don’t know about the wood floor – it is just a little warped and some of the boards have like hairline cracks in them. Don’t know what the upstairs floor is like as we haven’t looked under the tiles – that would involve the vanity and toilet being removed. Major project. At times like this I think maybe we should just live in the big motorhome full time. The heck with a stick house and all the upkeep.
But then again – found out two of the batteries in the Alfa had cracked so need new ones before bringing it home. Also oil change in engine and generator and maybe new tires. Six of one and half a dozen of the other I guess.
Been looking on line for a camera no where around here to find one I like. Found a Sony Cyber Shot WX80 that sounds perfect. And found a Mother’s Day special sale on it. Will read more about it but think that is the one I want. Then I have to start thinking about a laptop – four or five parts of mine don’t work any more – but maybe I can just get the keys fixed ‘cause I sure don’t want to have to learn Windows 8.
Time to fix dinner – not much else going on. 


  1. Sony has that WX-80 for $149, including a case and 8GB memory card. Includes free 2-day shipping. I have bought several items from them (camera, voice recorder, radio, CD player, etc) and have been very satisfied. Mostly refurb from their outlet store.

    1. That's where we got it - should be here by first of week.