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Monday, December 30, 2013

Gran Plaza Mall in Mazatlan

Guess I shouldn’t have mentioned the TelCel – got the notice this morning when I tried to go on line that it is time to recharge it.
It got rather nasty looking here yesterday – heavy clouds and cooled down. Almost got a hold of our friends and cancelled our dinner. But as the afternoon progressed it warmed up some. By the time we got to the Plazuela Machado the weather was perfect. A balmy 77 degrees and no wind. I’m glad we reserved a table because the Plazuela was crowded last night. Most of the tables in all the restaurants were full. Lots and lots of people walking around.  The person we went to hear play and sing wasn’t there – he had other obligations for yesterday but will be back next Sunday night. But there was still good entertainment. First a bunch of young people came with their drums and fire hoops.
After they left a musical group came. They were very good. Played all types of music – Cuban, Columbian, Mexican and American. That got the people up and dancing.

As we were getting ready to leave the band started playing Achy Breaky Heart and about 30 or 40 people ended up line dancing. Fun to watch.
This morning early we took Willie to the Jeep dealer to have him rechecked out. He is still under their warranty from when they fixed his first problem in March. Then we walked over to the Gran Plaza Mall and had breakfast at Sanborns – a very nice place with good food.

Then walked around the Mall until the TelCel place opened at 10:00. We now have Internet until Jan 29th. Or until we use up our 3GBS which ever comes first.
The Santa display in the Mall - love the Santa climbing down the rope from the ceiling.
Saw this neat suit for little boy in a bridal shop. Peg leg pants, embroidered waist band and shirt and beret - how cute.

The floors in this Mall are so shiny they are like mirrors. Look at this reflection.

Took a Pulmonia home.  The little golf cart like taxis. Seemed funny to be riding in an open vehicle at about 40-45 mph without a seat belt. Made me feel kind of uneasy at first. Got over that though and enjoyed the ride. Bill talking! to the driver. Actually we were stopped at a light when I took this. But he kept talking.....
Bill was changing his watch after we got home and I noticed his "trucker's tan" - he gets browner and I get redder. Not fair. 
Time for more laundry and reading and waiting to hear from the Jeep place. 

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