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Sunday, April 5, 2015

A quiet day at home.

A nice Easter Sunday here in Las Vegas. It is warm but not hot. Would be perfect if the wind wasn’t blowing like crazy. Blowing hard enough to really rock the Alfa.
Did the laundry this morning. I get spoiled in Mexico when we take it out dirty and get it back all clean and folded. There are only two washers and two driers in the laundry room near us. The laundry room is nice and new and clean and the washers and driers work great. Except when a fellow camper leaves their clothes in them and goes who knows where. I finally took the stuff out of the long stopped dryers to put our stuff in. By then there were people waiting for me to finish…But I’m done now and will use our own washer and do little loads now that we have good electricity.
I think I mentioned we got the Jeep washed yesterday. Cost us $17 and they did not do a great job. Looked out the Alfa window this morning at the roof of the Jeep. It was muddy! We got much better car washes in Mazatlan from the guys with the buckets and rags. Like I said we got spoiled about some things in Mexico.
Two soccer games today. Real Madrid rerun from yesterday and a Barcelona game later in the afternoon. Both won their games, but it was a struggle for Barcelona.

I’ve been fooling with my new phone. It is much easier to set up than Bill’s phone. Thank goodness. I was surprised to see it has a flashlight and a magnifier - Did the girl think I need things magnified? 
A quiet day at home. 

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  1. We are only a few days out of Mexico and I so miss my lavenderia. How do they do such a great job for so little and I love how everything is folded so neatly.