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Friday, April 3, 2015

Getting Further from Home!

Hello from Las Vegas, NV! Yep we are getting further and further away from home. In Amado we were 1730 miles from home. Now we are almost 1900 miles from home. 
Have to tell you about last night. Bill had gone to bed to read and I was reading in the front room. I was reading a rather dumb book but some of the scenes were really funny. Off and on I'd laugh out loud but try to keep it quiet. Well one part set me off. I tried to laugh quiet but then I choked on my laughter which made me cough which made my eyes run. So there I sit, laughing, coughing and my eyes running. Bill comes flying out of the back to see what is wrong with me. Took me a while to explain that I was okay and just read something funny. He gave me a strange look, shook his head and went back to bed. Can't help it it was Lucille Ball stunt funny. 
This is the almost empty RV park in Quartzite where we spent last night. Shady Lane RV Park - good level spot, 50 amps, pull throughs. 
 The best thing about the park for me though were the desert plants. Beautiful blooming ocotillos. Their leaves are so green this year and the blooms so big. Did you know the ocotillo is related to the Boojum tree that grows in Baja California. 
 Even the saguaro are nice and fat this year because of all the rain.
 A close up of the ocotillo bloom. 
 A fat Saguaro with some blooms on it too.; 
A closer look at its blooms.
 And this nasty looking one has teeny tiny yellow flowers on it. 
 A close up of the flowers on the Palo Verde trees/bushes.
 Another cactus in bloom. Its petals are almost translucent. 
 So anyway, we left the plants behind and got on the road around 9:00. Pretty uneventful trip through Arizona. Going into California - heading away from home. 
A good two lane road with lots of dips and gentle curves. I mention this because on one of these gentle curves an 18 wheeler almost ran us off the road. Good thing Bill hit the brakes. The truck passed us then cut in front of us when he was NOT in front of us. It was a CFI truck. I hope his ears are burning.
 And now we are in Nevada. Going from two lane asphalt road in Arizona to four lane road in Nevada. 
This was not a long day only 208 miles and the roads were good but the wind was blowing hard. I could feel it shaking the rig. Hard on the driver. Instead of steering straight ahead he had to steer into the wind or we'd change lanes. Bill said it was a good thing the wind didn't suddenly stop. Cause if it had of we'd of been off roading. 
We got to Vegas about 1:00 and settled into the 1000 Trails campground. Will be here for 14 days - I think. As usual the place is crowded but...Everything is up and working so we went to lunch. After eating I order a piece of apple pie to go. No ice cream. The pie is sitting in the refrigerator but I think I hear it calling my name. 
Only a few plans for while we're here. Going to Good Springs to see the old saloon and to the Bellagio to see the spring decorations. 
And I think I remember Bill saying something needs an oil change. 
Weather is beautiful - only in the 70s.
Have to check on that pie. 


  1. As always I enjoy reading your posts

  2. The pictures in this post are great - really enjoyed them. We notice how green northern Mexico was on our drive from Mazatlan to Laredo end of March. Also how green it was in Texas and Louisiana this year. Must be the winter rains - really beautiful