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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Checking out housing in Vegas

Another beautiful day in Las Vegas. High 70s with some winds again. Humidity continues to be low 13%. And it gets pretty cool at night which I love. 
We headed out this morning to meet a Realtor friend of our son's at a model home where he was working. 
First we passed through the "Arts District" of Vegas. Lots of murals on the walls but just got a quick snap of this one. This is near the area where the American Restoration has its shop.
But back to the model home and our meeting.  And what a model home! It was huge. 
The part to the far right is an attached RV garage! Plus a regular 2 car garage, plus all kinds of rooms inside. Wow! 1/2 acre and around $650,000. Didn't know they made them like that. But with more reality we checked out some condos and single family homes for way under $150,000 on line. Just wondering what was available in the area. So far Bill's allergies are not acting up - so maybe we'll end up here. But that is an ongoing project.
After checking the Internet for a while we headed out - by then I was hungry so we stopped at Applebee's for lunch. When we went in we asked if the TV could be turned to the sports station so we could watch the soccer game. Of course. So we ordered lunch. This machine was sitting on the table. On it a customer can order their beverages, appetizer, and desert. Need the waitress to order the meal though. And using the machine you can pay your bill if using a credit card. I wonder if your're not careful if you can end up paying everyone's bill?  
 After eating and the end of the game. Barcelona won. We headed towards our son's business. Another utility box painted. Like this one. Lots of detail on it. 
Here we are at our sons business. He has a house cleaning service. An office cleaning service etc. etc.

Father and son discussing areas of Las Vegas to look for a house in. 
We stayed there quite a while catching up on things. By the time we left most of his crews had returned for the day. He also has a subsidiary business called Pink Lady. With, to quote our daughter-in-law, Pepto Bismo pink trucks. 
Then on home. We both spent time on the Internet checking out stuff for sale. We need to slow down - who know maybe we won't even move. The housing market has started to pick up here in Vegas and construction is ramping up again. Good for the area. 

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