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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Keeping busy doing nothing to write about.

The weather here in Vegas is beginning to warm up. Not getting quite as cool at night.
We’ve not been doing much to write about. We did go to the mall in Henderson. People must have thought I’d never been in a mall before. I was gawking at everything. So many different stores. I was on a quest though – looking for shorts for me. Lots of shorts for teeny tiny young people. For us older ones looking for that great invention – elastic waist bands – there wasn’t a great choice - lots of XL XXL XXXL - not quite that big yet. Finally found one kind I liked but definitely in the wrong store. $52 for a pair of shorts! – I think not. Finally found some stretchy ones that look and feel good. Got a couple of pair. Why do brands change their classic styles and not make the favorite ones any more?
Bill's finger is healing good. He's down to just a regular bandage over it. Sure was a nasty cut. 
Yesterday we checked out a couple more Mobile Home parks – 55+  One was very old and ugly. The other in far west Vegas was very nice. But they only had rentals. We saw one they were completely redoing – paint, carpet, vinyl. Two bedrooms, 2 baths, den, big living room and nice kitchen. But no garage, just a carport. Something to think about. Tomorrow we are going to look at some townhomes and stand alone houses.
Visited with our son for a while then to market and home.
This morning we are watching a Barcelona soccer game, then a NASCAR race, then another soccer game with Real Madrid.
After that…There are two more Alfas back here in the same row as us. One right next to us. So close to us I doubt we’ll be able to put out our awning.
Checked out this on line -20 Small towns to visit this summer. Our little town came in at #13.


  1. I have spent all my time looking for elastic waist shorts, can't find any. What a royal pain!

  2. Karen Scott made them for years then stopped.