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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Only a couple of sleeps from home - Oklahoma City tonight

Here we are all buttoned up and ready to leave Tucumcari, NM. It was cold this morning! We got on the road about 8 o'clock then stopped for diesel before getting on the Interstate. 
the stool is there to keep a drawer from  opening
 Soon we were in Texas - and in Texas - and in Texas. 
 Weather was good, no wind and warming up as the day progressed. We got as far as Amarillo - this is the Cadillac Ranch - the old Cadillacs that are planted in the dirt. Took this shot as we were driving down the road. Someday I hope we can stop and walk out to see them. They were put there in 1974 by Chip Lord and friends. They were part of an "art" group. Since then it has become a roadside attraction that people can "decorate" with spray paint. 
 We stopped at a Travel Center of America just past Amarillo to eat breakfast. Took about an hour. 
Just a lonely tree all by itself on the Texas plains. That was kind of the scenery for much of the first part of the drive. 
 As we got closer to Groom Texas we could see the big cross from about five miles away. [sorry about the bugs on the windshield]
 Here is a better picture of it as we passed. See the tiny cars parked near it. It is 190 feet tall. 
 And just beyond the cross - going East - is the leaning water tower. It used to be a real water tower but when it was slated for demolition it was bought and moved to a truck stop as an attraction for tourists. The truck stop burned several years ago but the tower still stands. 
 And on into Oklahoma. Oklahoma is pretty this time of year. Lots of greenery set in the red dirt.
We finally stopped for the day just west of Oklahoma City at the Rockwell RV Park. But before stopping for the night we made a pit stop at a truck stop so Bill could wash the bugs off the windshield. Almost couldn't see out it. He also got something to eat - so no cooking tonight. And I had a wonderful caramel sunday. Haven't had one in years. 
So with entering another time zone and two stops for food and one for fuel we didn't get here till 3:30 Central time. Did 362 miles today. For some reason we can't get the satellite TV working. Hopefully it is just because of the tree next to us and tomorrow it will work fine...fingers crossed. We figure we'll be home sometime Saturday. Then the work begins. Cleaning, unpacking and getting the house ready to put on the market. Though - Bill's allergies are under control - at least for now. 

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  1. Enjoying reading about your drive, reminds me of ours!!