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Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm 500 Miles Away From Home

Let’s see – where to begin. Well to begin with it has been a beautiful day today. All day. Nice weather, pretty scenery and we’re stopped in a nice RV park in Joplin, MO. It’s a KOA and one of the better ones. They even cook us dinner – for a price of course, but they bring pizza right to our door. And it is pretty good pizza.
And our Direct TV is working here – I think yesterday the tree right behind us was blocking the signal.
We had a short day today. Leaving the campground just west of Oklahoma City about 9:15 (I slept in!) Then we stopped for breakfast after we got through the city. That took about 45 minutes. Bill had his favoritre Lingonberry Crepes. Then back on the road – the Will Rogers Turnpike or I-44.
This year Oklahoma is SO green with lots of wildflowers growing along the highway.

There are two toll booths between Oklahoma City and the MO state line – each costs $9.75 – much cheaper than the toll roads in Mexico. Also the booths are nice and wide. Don’t scrape the mirrors going through them. And the road is excellent.

Crossed into Missouri and stopped at a Flying J for diesel. $2.49 a gallon with our Pilot/Flying J rewards card. We’re averaging about 8.25 mpg.
The campground is right across the street from the station so we pulled in and got “our” spot. They know us so we usually get the same spot every time we stop. A short day – stopped at 2:00. So what is going to happen tomorrow? Bill really wanted to go farther today but I wanted to stop…so now it is still 530 miles to home…
Did all my end of month bookkeeping and backed up the laptop.
Bill called our gardener today and asked him to please go to the house asap and start the winter clean up. He said he’d already started! He was glad to hear from us – we always bring him hot hot sauce from Mexico. And the pest control people have already set up a date to spray the house. Sometimes it is nice to be from a small town.
Thought I'd add some pictures from the campground Some of our neighbors  Looking out the window I see a robin. And a bunch of ducks.

Papa, Mama and Baby

Looking towards the back of the campground 

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